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Who is Steve atwater?

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Stephen Dennis Atwater (born October 28, 1966 in Chicago, Illinois) is a former American football player who spent most of his career playing free safety for the Denver Broncos of the NFL.

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How tall is Steve Atwater?

Steve Atwater is 6' 3".

When was Steve Atwater born?

Steve Atwater was born on October 28, 1966.

What is the birth name of Steve Atwater?

Steve Atwater's birth name is Stephen Dennis Atwater.

How old is Steve Atwater?

Steve Atwater is 44 years old (birthdate: October 28, 1966).

Where did Steve atwater go to college?


What is Steve Atwater's birthday?

Steve Atwater was born on October 28, 1966.

Who is the all time leader in tackles for the NFL?

Steve atwater

Famous people with the initials SA?

Steve Atwater (Denver Broncos)

What pro football player wore 27?

Steve Atwater of the Denver Broncos wore number 27.

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Who wore number 27 for the New York Jets in 1999?

In 1999, Steve Atwater wore #27 for the New York Jets.

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