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Isn't Tom Cruise already an expert trainer? So, I assume he trains himself.

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How old is Kiana Tom?

Trainer and fitness host Kiana Tom is 53 years old (birthdate: March 14, 1965).

Would you recommend a Fitness trainer?

Yes if you are new to gyming and exercise then I really recommend you to hire a personal fitness trainer to guide you. A Personal fitness trainer will help you to achieve your fitness goal faster. Fitness trainer will trained you professionally and make everything easy for you like dieting and proper exercising. I have recently hired a fitness personal trainer in New York. You can check their website here to get idea -

Who could help improve regular fitness?

Fitness trainer.

Did Tom Cruises mom die?

No she did not!

Is fitness trainer certification hard to get?

No, fitness trainer certification is not very hard to get. The program is not very long and does not cost much money.

What is the average price to hire a fitness trainer?

There is no real average price of a fitness trainer. The price will vary depending upon how often you meet with the trainer, the trainer's location, and the trainer's popularity.

Where can I take a fitness trainer course?

You can take a fitness trainer course for body building either at your local community college or through your local gym or YMCA. You can also see if there are any fitness trainer courses provided somewhere such as your community center.

What is Tom Cruises star sign?

It is a skull

Who's David Tuipulotu?

Hes a personal trainer / fitness trainer from east Auckland

What is the role of a cft?

A crt is a certified fitness trainer. The role of a certified fitness trainer is to properly train an individual to exercise correctly. When a certified fitness trainer notices any problems, they are to let the client know to visit a physician to address the problem or problems noticed.

How much can a personal fitness trainer earn?

It really depends on what the trainer does and how much the person charges.

Who was Tom Cruises first wife?

Nichole Kidman

What was Tom Cruises birth year?

He was born in 1962.

What was Tom Cruises profession in the movie Cocktail?


Who are Tom Cruises Parents?

mr and mrs cruise

Who is Tom Cruises wife now?

Katie Holmes

How much do fitness trainer get paid?

they get a lot, to much

When was Tom Wright - greyhound trainer - born?

Tom Wright - greyhound trainer - was born in 1861.

When did Tom Wright - greyhound trainer - die?

Tom Wright - greyhound trainer - died in 1956.

What qualities should I look for in a fitness trainer?

For the best fitness trainer, you should look for qualities such as good character and posture, excellent advice, and a fit body and workout ethic.

What is a good Fitness gift for my trainer ?

A Fitness gift for your trainer is a Nike+ running band for their iPod because they are always running on the treadmill and need accessories to hold it in place. Fitness gifts can also be the iPod if they don't have one already.

What was Tom Cruises nick name in top gun?


What was Tom Cruises characters name in rainman?

Charlie babbitt

Who do tom cruises two adopted children live with?


Is Channing Tatum tom cruises son in war of the world's?