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Who is Vanessa Hudgens's best friend?


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XxX:- Vanessa, Who is your best friend?

Vanessa Hudgens:- I Have MAny Friends And ..I Love Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus very much!Ashley and Miley are my best friends!

XxX:- 2 best friends?

Vanessa Hudgens:- Yeah .. Why No?

XxX:- Who Is the best Miley Or Ashley?

Vanessa Hudgens:- Ashley is an amazing friend she is my everything ! Miley is my treasure, love her too!

XxX:-Tell us .. who is your boyfriend?

Vanessa Hudgens:- Can't say.. Really can't say !

XxX:- How is Zac Efron?

Vanessa Hudgens:- Zac is ...was for a Prince! We were very happy! But now ...

XxX:- Now ..? Do u love him?

Vanessa Hudgens:- Like a friend!

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Miley and Vanessa Hudgens-No Miley was best friend with girl named Vanessa,who died at age of nine R.I.P.

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Ashley´s closest friend, and best friend is Vanessa Hudgens.

Abbie E is her good friend that no one knows about. Vanessa Hudgens is her best friend from the celeb world.

Ashely Tisdale and Miley Cyrus.

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If you are talking about Vanessa Hudgens-No.But When Miley was 14 she met a girl named Vanessa and they got best friends,but Vanessa died. R.I.P.We know you are in a better plece!

her best friend was vanessa and i think she still is and is definatly miely Cyrus

Miley's friend was named Vanessa. she died of lukmia and it was dead upsetting

I think you're thinking of Ashley Tisdale?

Im not entriely sure but i think it's vanessa hudgens

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Ashley Tisdale. "Friends come and go, but i know Ashley will always be there."

Vanessa was a friend of Brett Whiteley.

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She has one younger sister. Her name is Stella. I want Stella to be my best friend. Then, we'll have our best friends club.

She has more than just one bestfriend. Her main two best friends are Jennifer Tisdale (obviously her sister) and Vanessa Hudgens. Her cousin, Danielle, and Miley Cyrus are also her bestfriends, but not as much as Jennifer or Vanessa. :)

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