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Who is Vegeta?


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August 02, 2010 6:18PM

As he has said many times, with gusto, "I am the prince of all sayians!", with the saiyans (say-yuns) being an extinct race of alien monkey people from the dragon ball series, including the sequels dragon ball z and DB GT, which stand for Grand tour, if you ever caught the intro to the show, though I detested that rap!

His name is a pun on vegetables, as Akira Toriyama, the creator of dbz, wanted kids to know that vegetables make you strong, just like vegeta.

He was always jealous of the show's hero/avatar Goku, who had a knack for growing stronger and faster than anyone else, whose annoying habit of saving the world by himself annoyed the devil out of his saiyan rival, Vegeta, for the prince of the sayains was supposed to be stronger than Goku, the son of a lowly scientist, by the name of Bardock.

He does all kinds of things to beat Goku throughout the series. He even goes as far as to be possessed by a wizard to get stronger than Goku, which barely works, though Vegeta killed hundreds at the tournament, showing off or was it because he was just ticked off?

In the end, or whenever things get desperate, Goku wins him over, as they have been known to work together, and even shared bodies while fused, when there simply was no other way, such as the case with finishing off Baby and the black star dragons in GT.