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Wendy-Ann was Madame's granddaughter. After her death as a young adult, Madame dropped the Ann and simply used Wendy to designate a particular face mold.

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Is there a Cher doll in the Madame Alexander doll collection?

It does not appear that the Cher dolls were produced by Madame Alexander in their doll collections. Cher dolls were produced by Mego in 1976-1978, and Mattel in 2000.

Is a Madame Alexander doll an American Girl doll?

No. Madame Alexander is a separate designer who makes her own dolls in her own style. Typically Madame Alexander dolls are meant to be collected and looked at rather than to be played with.

How much is a madame Alexander doll worth?


How much could a madame alexander doll be purchased for?

You can purchase a newer Madame Alexander doll for around $30. The price will increase depending on how long ago the doll was made, and whether or not it is a limited edition doll. The price will also fluctuate based on the condition of the doll.

What is the value of a sleeping baby doll of madame Alexander?

6879678 dollars

How much does a Madame Alexander Doll cost?

Madame Alexander Dolls can be priced anywhere between USD $40 - $180 depending on the size of the doll, and the materials it is made from. They are available to buy in-store or from their online shop.

Can you still make your own madame Alexander doll at FAO schwarz?

yes you can

Do Madame Alexander doll clothes fit American Girl dolls?

Yes they do! My older daughter has American Girl dolls and my little one has Madame Alexander dolls and they share the clothes!

i have an old doll has the name alexander back of neck, closes and opens eyes when sat up and layed down is it worth anything?

Hello, it sounds like that may be a Madame Alexander doll. These are coveted by many doll collectors and have even been made into Christmas Ornaments by Hallmark Cards. There is a Madame Alexander Doll club online that could you ask about this doll directly. Describe it and send photos. Here is their website:

Are Springfield Collection Dolls the closest doll to an American Girl Doll?

There are many dolls similar to American Girls and a lot of knock off brands - the Springfield collection is just one of them. Madame Alexander, Journey Girls, and Our Generation dolls are also very close to American Girl dolls, although the quality is not as great.

Are American girl dolls better than madame Alexander doll?

I reckon that these dolls are the same in quality. Plus, Madame Alexander dolls are a cheaper alternative to American Girl Dolls. ;)

Are Journey Girl Dolls made by Madame Alexander Doll Company?

needing info on the maker of the journey dolls please

What brands of dolls are safe for babies and toddlers?


What is the value of the Marilyn Monroe doll barbie collection?

What is the value of the Marilyn Monroe doll collection

List of all Taylor Swift dolls?

Taylor Swift Performance Collection "Our Song" Singing DollTaylor Swft "Teardrops" Singing DollTaylor Swift Sundress Medley Fashion Collection DollTaylor Swift Pretty in Pink Fashion Collection DollTaylor Swift Red Carpet Ready Fashion collection DollTaylor Swift dazzle in Denim Fashion Collection Doll

Where can one find the McDonald collection of Wizard of Oz characters?

Google McDonald's collection of Wizard of Oz characters. Click on this entry,, for the Madame Alexander dolls. The dolls were available through McDonald's Happy Meals, September 12-October 9, 2008. The site shows pictures of the dolls, and has the online catalogs and shopping online. There's also a How to contact us.

The vanessa doll collection series 2007 with authenticity certificate is valued at how much roughly?

The doll collection is valued approximately at $350.00

What is a doll brand similar to American Girl?

A popular alternative for the American Girl Doll is purchasing a Madame Alexander dolls.**A link to the website is in the related links section below.**Also, if you like new clothes for your 18 inch dolls, *See "Doll Clothes" below in the related links section.*

How much is the heritage mint ltd collection doll worth?

how much is a hertiage ltd collection doll worh Anne D-165.

What is the name of the briadiay doll collection only 2400 were made?

The Broadway Collection

Do american doll clothes fit an alexander doll?

Any 18" dolls will fit in American Girl doll clothes.

What is a 1984 Shader China Doll Jack Clown Collection?

jack is a china doll dressed as a clown

What store has the Monster High doll house on Monster High Doll Collection part 1?


How do you make dolls?

This might not be your answer, but I made an Adele doll and Wendy Williams. You see I didn't make the doll the Adele doll. I got a Katie live doll, sewed her black thing, (this was before Adele she lost weight) I just put a pair of jeans and heels on her. Then for the weight I wrapped some tissue around her. And for the Wendy Williams doll, remember the cheetah girls? Well that choo-chi doll Chanel? The one with the light brown curly hair, she had such big boobs and her body was perfect. Her hair was dark but light like Wendy wears it. But her hair was out, and I had her for like 5 years so I she looked like a Wendy. For her clothes I had this cheetah jacket that came with her and this crazy pattern dress, so it mixed well, because Wendy wears all that crazy stuff. So do you get it? Ya DON'T HAVE TO MAKE THE DOLL, but the only way I made those two doll because they looked like them, if you want to make a doll that way, it has to have resemblance.

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