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Who is a Greek philosopher?

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There are many of them, but Socrates is one of the most famous.

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Who was the first Greek philosopher?

Thales was the first Greek philosopher

Is Aristotle a greek philosopher?

Yes, Aristotle is a Greek philosopher.

The first Greek philosopher?

The first Greek philosopher was "Thales".

Greek philosopher atom?

Who was the Greek philosopher who coined the term "atom"? Who was the Greek philosopher who coined the term "atom"? Democritus

Which greek philosopher wrote in The Republic that philosopher-kings should rule?

The Greek philosopher who wrote the Republic.

Who was the dog philosopher?

Diogenes Laertius(greek philosopher).

Famous greek philosopher?

One famous greek philosopher is Homer. hope this helps -MEGAJEW

Would greek philosopher be capitalized?

Greek is always capitalized because it is a propernou n but philosopher is a commo n nou n so it is not capitalized. It should be -- Greek philosopher.

Was Democritus Greek?

Yes, he was a greek philosopher.

Greek philosopher to suggest the existence of atom?

The origin of the word atom is traced back to the Greek philosopher Democritus. The other Greek philosopher who is credited with the idea is Leucippus, Democritus' teacher.

which greek philosopher believed the reality was in the physical world?


Who was the Greek philosopher who taught with questions not answers?

The great Greek philosopher, who taught by questions and not answers was the great Aristotle.

Which philosopher discovered latitude and longitude?

Hipparchus, ancient greek philosopher

Which Greek philosopher said that atoms could be divided created or destroyed?

I suppose that any Greek philosopher did not say so.

What does Plato Greek goddess do?

Plato was a philosopher, not a Greek god.

What Greek philosopher was known as The Philosopher to Europeans?

No philosopher is known in Europe as "the" philosopher. But the best-known today in and outside Europe probably is Socrates.

Which Greek philosopher taught taught happiness?

euripedes was a philosopher that taught happiness

Where did democritus work?

He was a greek philosopher

What is the Aristotle?

an ancient greek philosopher

A famous greek philosopher?


First greek philosopher?


Aristotle who was he?

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher.

Who was Aristotle and what did he do and find out?

he was a Greek philosopher

How was Plato famous?

He was a greek philosopher.

What was not a Greek philosopher?

A peasant farmer.