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Who is a cruise ship passenger?

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A cruise ship passenger is someone who is on a cruise ship during a cruise.

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What is a cruise ship passenger?

A cruise ship passenger.

Who is a cruise ship visitor?

A passenger disembarking from a cruise ship to see the sites of a particular port.

What is another name for a large boat apart from cruise ship?

Another name for a large (boat) ship apart from a cruise ship would be passenger ship and above that would be ocean liner. An ocean liner and a cruise ship are two different types of passenger ships.

How do I contact a passenger on a caribbean cruise?

You can contact a passenger on a Caribbean cruise by talking to the customer service office in a cruise ship. They can talk through the intercom to locate your friend.

What is the difference between a passenger ship and cruise ship?

A passenger ship is a ship that brings people from one port to another with sleeping facilities. A cruise ship is more like a resort with swimming pool, organized fun activities, dancing, parties, and even tours ashore.

When was the Carnival Pride ship launched?

Carnival Pride was launched in 2002. This Cruise Ship boasts a 2,124 passenger capacity, and is Carnival Cruise Lines second ship in their Spirit Class.

Sentence of absence?

The absence of a passenger put the cruise ship on high alert.

How much money does a cruise director make?

It depends on the size of the ship and the number of passenger it has. The salary of a cruise ship director may range from 1500$ to 4500$ on the monthly basis.

What is a cruiseliner?

According to dictionary.com:cruise linernouna passenger ship used commercially for pleasure cruises [syn: cruise ship]basically it's a large ship used for pleasure cruising on the waters, generally ocean

What is the boat used for passenger from ship to shore?

a boat used to transport passengers between a cruise ship and shore in shallow waters

What is a cruise ship tourist?

A cruise ship tourist is a person who tours you around a cruise ship.

What is a ship that carries passengers on a cruise?

It is a cruise liner or cruise ship.

What is an ocean greyhound?

An ocean greyhound is a cruise ship or passenger ship. Synonyms for ocean greyhound are: floating hotel, floating palace, liner, luxury liner, ocean liner, passenger steamer

What is the passenger capacity of a MV Silver Whisper?

The MV Silver Whisper is a cruise ship with a passenger capacity of 382. There are 295 crew members. The ship was built by the Mariotti Shipyard in Genoa, Italy.

How many rooms has the largest cruise ship?

2,700 passenger staterooms, with 1,500 crew cabins.

Was Queen Elizabeth also a ship?

Yes; there was a QE I and a QE II. They were the largest passenger cruise ships of their time.

What cruise ship was sunk by a German submarine after leaving the Port of New York?

'Lusitania'. Actually she was a British passenger ship, taking passengers across the Atlantic.

What will be the next biggest cruise ship?

Symphony of the Seas cruise ship retains the title of the world's biggest cruise ship in 2020.

How many floors in a cruise ship can have?

About 10 for a large cruise ship. About 6 for a small cruise ship. By the way you would say decks not floors in a ship.

How old do you have to be to work on a cruise ship?

you have to be in your 20s to work on a cruise ship.

Seeking cruise ship job opportunities.?

To find cruise ship job opportunities you can look at Cruise Ship Jobs, All Cruise Jobs, Cruise Placements, HCareers, Career Path, and Carnival Cruise Line.

Can a cruise ship force a passenger off the cruise ship to go to a foreign country?

NO! Its your cruise, and if you so choose you don't ever have to get off the ship. However, most ports of call are wonderful places to explore, for safe ideas of things to at each port check out AllThingsCruise.com to find out info about each port and excursion ideas.

Who is the cruise tourist?

are tourist who arrive and stay on a cruise ship are tourist who arrive and stay on a cruise ship

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