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Today Heidi Klum is probably the most famous German model.

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Q: Who is a famous German model?
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Why is Claudia Schiffer famous?

a German model

Who is the most famous German model?

Claudia Schiffer.

Who is the most famous German model in the 60s?


What is model in German?

Model, das Model

Who is the most famous German philosopher?

Immanuel Kant is the most famous German philosopher. .

Which German city is famous for lebkuchen?

The German city famous for Lebkuchen is Nürnberg (Nuremberg).

What is a rocket propelled gernade?

It's the Soviet designation for a rocket launcher. The first model was the RPG-2, which was based largely on the German Panzerfaust. The most famous model is the RPG-7.

German word for famous?

famous = berühmt.

Who are famous actors with the first name Diane?

Diane Keaton Diane Carroll Diane Lane Diane Kruger (German model and actress)

What is a famous German holiday?

Oktoberfest is uniquely German!

Is aldi German?

Yes it is a famous German store.

What is the most famous German food and why is it famous?


Which German city is famous for its perfume?

Cologne (in German - Köln)

Famous German painter?


What a famous German food?

A traditional German food is pie and stuff.

Who are the famous women fashion German manufacturer?

Jaeger? they're german.

What is the name of the famous German tank?

There were several famous German Tanks. One of them was the Panzer, another was the Tiger tank, and lastly, the modern-day German tank is the Leopard II.

Is tatyana German famous?

not yet

What is a famous German car?

The most famous of all German cars was "Der Silberpfeil"It was a Mercedes racing car that dominated the world for many years. There are numerous German brands that are famous: * Volkwagen * Audi * BMW * Mercedes Benz

Who is the most famous German?

The most well-known German is Adolf Hitler.

The German word 'autobahn refers to what?

It refers to the famous German highway.

What a German requriem?

Do you mean "What is the German Requiem"? If you do, then it's a famous musical masterpiece by German composer Johannes Brahms.

Who were the Axis generals of World War 2?

The most famous axis generals (german) were : Von Brauchwits, Erwin Rommel, Von Zangen, Guderian (tank general), Kesselring, Model, Keitel, Jodl, Manstein, and the famous of all may be Von Rundstedt. Go to THE GERMAN GENERALS on the internet. Of course there were many more!

Which model of the Walther P-38 was adopted by the German Military in 1939?

The model P38, there is no other model

What is Heinrich Schutz famous for?

Heinrich Schutz is a famous German composer. He is considered the most famous German composer before Bach was born, creating almost 500 known compositions.