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Who is a famous scientist?


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the most famoust scientist is Albert Einstein...and the second is Galileo galilei


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a famous scientist would be Aristotle and a famous mathematician would be Archimedes

The name of the most famous scientist is Albert Einstein.

Who is a famous scientist born in the state of Georgia?

No, Ned Kelly was a famous Australian bush ranger not a famous Australian scientist.

Jane Goodall was a famous life scientist; She studied the live of chimpanzees.

A famous animal scientist is someone who studies animal behavior in their environment.

The famous scientist of the Hellenistic era was Archimedes.

Albert Einstein became a famous scientist in 1905

Named after the scientist Alfred Nobel.

Thomas Edison was famous because he invented things that scientist already invented.

he invented a telescope that is why he is famous and he became a scientist because he loved science

This scientist was Ernest Rutherford.

Probably the most famous scientist of the 18th Century were Sir Isaac Newton.

he was famous for being a scientist

if they were famous they would not be unknown

One famous scientist was Marie Curie. She was an amazing French scientist who discovered the effects of radiation and that it could be used to treat cancer.

a she is a famous scientist

all i need to know is if there is a famouse scientist in ornithology??

He must have been a PRESBYTERIAN scientist.

He must have been a PRESBYTERIAN scientist.

yes he is the the best welsh scientist

Stephen Hawking is the Most famous scientist in the world and he was done alot of things, check out wikipedia.

one famous israeli scientist is Chaim Weizmannwho is a biochemist,, a scientist and the first president of israel

he became a famous scientist because he invented so many things like the refrigerater.

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