Who is allowed to be buried in the Arlington cemetery?

The gravesites at Arlington National Cemetery are for deceased active duty personnel and honorably discharged veterans of the United States military. Some soldiers are automatically eligible, while others only under certain conditions (including disabilities from their service). Spouses and family members are also eligible under several circumstances, including relation to those buried there. Specific areas of the cemetery are for certain designees.

Those eligible for Interment (Ground Burial) include:

  • Any active duty member of the Armed Forces (except those members serving on active duty for training only).
  • Any veteran who is retired from active military service with the Armed Forces.
  • Any former member of the Armed Forces who has been awarded one of the following decorations:
    1. Medal of Honor
    2. Distinguished Service Cross (Navy Cross or Air Force Cross)
    3. Distinguished Service Medal
    4. Silver Star
    5. Purple Heart
  • The President of the United States or any former President of the United States. (Presidents Taft and Kennedy are buried within the cemetery grounds.)

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