Who is askenazi Jews?


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Ashkenazim are Jews who's families come from central Europe and eastern Europe. They celebrate some things different to Sephardic Jews which come from southern Europe, Spain and North Africa. Famous examples of Ashkenazi Jews would be Adam Sandler and Albert Einstein.


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Harry Askenazi's birth name is Harry Charles Askenazi.

Harry Askenazi was born on May 30, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Raul Askenazi was born on May 7, 1966, in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

Askenazi Jews gave up polygamy in Europe, in the eleventh century. However, Arab Jews continued the practice right up until the twentieth century. The state of Israel banned polygamy, but made an exception for Jewish immigrants from Arab areas such as Yemen.

"The Hebrews" is an early name which is used to refer what are later called The Israelites, and (still later) The Jewish People, including both Ashkenazim and Sephardim. See the attached Related Link for more detail.

Ashkenazi are Jews with North European ancestry - they account for by far the largest percentage of Jews in the world today (around 80%, though prior to the Holocaust they made up around 92% of all Jews worldwide) - the word literally means "German Jews." Jews with Southern European or North African ancestry (ie; Spain, Portugal, Morocco etc.) are called Sephardic Jews. There are notable differences between the two groups with regard to kashrut (the laws defining what is and what is not kosher, especially during Passover), prayers and religious festivals.

Actually this is backwards, Askenazi Jews name after the dead and would never name after someone alive. Among Sephardic Jews in Spain, it is considered bad luck to name babies after a living relative. Nothing to do with religion, its just a silly superstition that has endured for centuries. The reason it is considered bad luck among Sephardic Jews has to do with the belief, is that because there can't be two "Josephs," God will take the older one. Like I said; its just a silly superstition. Among Ashkenazi Jews, who tend to be much stricter when it comes to scholarly matters, they know there is no law against naming babies after living relatives, so its perfectly fine.

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No. Not all Germans are Jews and not all Jews are German. But there are German Jews, as well as Jews with many other nationalities.

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