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The person in reverse is most likely At Fault unless u-turns are illegal where you did it.

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Q: Who is at fault if another car suddenly went into reverse and hit you on the left side rear door when you were attempting a U turn?
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What is another name for a reverse fault?

the synonym for reverse fault is dip-slip fault. the opposite of reverse fault is normal fault. Reverse faults pull towards each other while normal faults pull away. (normal faults aren't so normal)

What is the opposite of a reverse fault?

A normal fault is the opposite of a reverse fault.

What characteristics of a normal fault and a reverse fault?

The angle of a fault plane can be used to tell the difference between a normal fault and a reverse fault. Which side went up relative to the other side is also another way to know the difference.

What fault occurs at a convergent boundary?

A reverse fault

Is the Owens Valley a reverse fault?

The Owens Valley is NOT a reverse fault. This valley is a normal fault.

What is a reverse fault?

A reverse fault is a fault in which the hanging wall moves up relative to the footwall.

What is the movement along a reverse fault?

its the motion of a normal fault but reverse

Who is at fault when the car behind you hits another car thinking that you are going to hit them as you reverse Incidentally I did not hit their car?

It is their fault.

How does a reverse fault occur?

A reverse fault occurs when the hanging wall moves upward

What are the three faults in scienceNomal Fault Reverse fault and?

normal reverse strike-slip

What type of fault is the rocky mountain fault?

reverse fault

What fault moves under compression?

Earthquake faults has four types which are the normal fault, reverse fault, thrust fault, and strike-lip fault. The fault that is formed when plates are compressed is the reverse fault.

How are reverse fault created?

They are faults because the different waves go closer to the reverse fault and keeps it in place. During a reverse fault plates slide over.

What are some fault?

normal fault reverse fault slip strike fault

What is a real life example of a reverse fault?

The Sierra Madre fault zone of southern California is an example of a reverse fault. There is also a reverse fault near the Sun River in Lewis and Clark county,candyland

Are a thrust fault and a reverse fault the same?

There is a slight difference. A thrust fault is a variety of reverse fault with a dip angle of less than 45 degrees.

What stress causes a reverse fault?

In a reverse fault the maximum principal stress is horizontal, compression causes reverse (thrust) faults.

Who is at fault when a driver who is a half a block ahead of you suddenly puts his car in reverse and runs into the front of your car at a quick rate of speed and you have already stopped your car?

they are at fault because they should have pulled off to the side.

How can you tell the difference between a normal fault and a reverse fault?

A normal fault occurs when the Earth's crust is extended. A reverse fault occurs when the crust is shortened and is the opposite of a normal fault.

Is the Hayward fault a normal fault or a reverse fault?

Neither. It is a strike-slip fault.

Is a thrust fault a normal fault?

No. A thrust fault is a low-angle reverse fault.

A thrust fault is a what fault with a shallow angle?


What type of fault is the Himalayan mountains?

It is a reverse fault.

What is a fault caused by compression forces?

Reverse Fault

What type of fault is at a folded mountain?

Reverse Fault