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I beleive, whoever's car is moving (wheel-wise), is at fault.


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Usually their is no fault associated with parking lots. I'm sure your insurance company looks at it as your fault.

no matter where a vehicle is parked, the moving vehicle is at fault every time.

I would have to say that technically it would be the driver pulling out of the parking space. TECHNICALLY speaking that is. The insurance companies would probably try to say it is an equal at fault accident maybe.

"Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?" "Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?"

Answering "Pulling out of a parking lot onto a street and you have to back up to avoid on coming car and the car behind you hits you who is at fault?"

If you are pulling out and hit the other are. Person in the lane has the right of way.

The legality of the spots geneally have nothing to do with the liabilty for the collision, and the decision would likely be made as if they were both legal parking spots.

If you hit another vehicle then you are at fault. It does not matter what you were doing at the time.

most of the time the person already in the 'driving lane'' having possession of that lane, other drivers have to yield to that person...however if someone were speeding more than likely will be a comparative neglience assessed to someone as well........

It really depends on the circumstances, I would contact your claims department for more information.

Depends on the situation. If you signaled in advance and had room to pull out without interrupting the flow of traffic then the other driver is at fault. However if you did not signal and attempted to pull out without being aware of on coming traffic you are at fault.

Well if you were backing in and hit someone then it is your fault. But if they hit you, then it is their fault.

It would be the person driving fault because it is like the same thing as driving and hitting someone.

The fault is at the person who opened the door. The person pulling in. They should of know you were coming out the car and waited then park.

Yours. There is no way for the other car to anticipate you exciting your vehicle, but you could have checked if a car was pulling in before opening your door.Answercorrect. the party needs to yield Right of Way. They entered into your lane of travel,

In Ontario parking lots are private property and do not fall under the highway traffic act. Given this Ontario also has whats called no-fault insurance, meaning if 2 people are in an accident in a parking lot, person 1's insurance covers person 1 and person 2's insurance covers person 2. If there are evidence who can mention who was in fault while accident happens, then only you can decide on this. But if your car hit another parked car or vice-verse then you should be in fault. When I face same problem, my insurance company Chola MS favored me as my car was parked in parking lot and someone rushed into my car.

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