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Parking-lot accidents are dicey. According to a claim-agent buddy of mine, blame is almost never assessed fully to one or the other in parking-lot accidents. He says they frequently go 50-50 or, in a case like yours, 60-40. I know that seems unfair, because you would think that someone backing out of a spot would be more responsible than 60 percent. But he said that it depends on how far the backer had pulled out. If a person pulling out of a spot is substantially (whatever that means) out of the space and in the access lane, other drivers in the access lane are required to yield to him so he may fully vacate the spot, which makes perfect sense. A driver who plows into the quarter panel of a guy backing out of spot can hardly attribute most of the blame to him.

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Q: Who is at fault if you are hit in a parking lot by a car that is pulling out and backs into you?
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Who is at fault when you are traveling in your lane of traffic and a car pulling from a parking space along the side of the road crashes into the front passenger fender of your car?

The car pulling from the parking space is at fault

Who is at fault if a car backs out of a spot into a car in the lane waiting for another parking spot?

the car backing out.

Pulling out of a parking lot onto a street and you have to back up to avoid on coming car and the car behind you hits you who is at fault?

Answering "Pulling out of a parking lot onto a street and you have to back up to avoid on coming car and the car behind you hits you who is at fault?"

Whose fault is it if a car backs outs of a parking space and hits a parked car?

The person who drove their car into the parked car.

Who's at fault when a parked car is scraped in a parking lot by another car pulling into a parking spot?

no matter where a vehicle is parked, the moving vehicle is at fault every time.

If Car backs out of parking space into car that is passing behind who is at fault?

the car that is backing out because they have to yield because the others have the right of way.

Who is at fault if someone opens a car door as another car is pulling into the parking space next to them and hits it?

I beleive, whoever's car is moving (wheel-wise), is at fault.

Who is at fault if car number one has pulled out of the parking space and is driving down the lane but the wrong way when car number two backs out from their parking space and hits car number one?

In general, the driver who is backing is considered to be at fault.

Who is at fault when you have reversed out of an angled parking space and then a car that has driven past you backs up and reverses into you?

It would be the car who has driven past, then reversed into you.

Who is at fault when someone backs up in a parking lot to let another car out of parking space and ends up hitting a car behind who is backing out of a parking space?

Depends on the jurisdiction, but typically, two vehicles backing up is a 50/50.

Who is at fault when there is someone pulling out of a parallel parking spot and a car changing lanes each other?

I would have to say that technically it would be the driver pulling out of the parking space. TECHNICALLY speaking that is. The insurance companies would probably try to say it is an equal at fault accident maybe.

Who is at fault when someone backs out of a parking spot and hits your car that was sitting still waiting ob the parking spot in Kentucky?

The backing vehicle is at fault. We are always supposed to look to ensure the path is clear before placing our vehicle in motion.

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