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You, unless you can come up with a better description of this accident. If you were already in the process of pulling out and the front end of your car was already in the street, then it's the other drivers responsibility to stop and allow you to fully pull onto the road, so it would not necessarily be your fault. Now, if you pulled right in front of the car as they were about to pass you, then it would be your fault since you pulled a maneuver on the road to which you caused someone else to crash. So as the first answer says, it's depends on the circumstances.

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Q: Who is at fault if you are parked on the side of a road and you pull out because it's clear and someone makes a right turn onto the road behind you and to avoid rear ending you swerve and hits you?
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Why is it illegal to drive with parking lights on?

i was told its because they are for when you are parked only, and if you drive with them on someone could mistake that you're parked and hit you.

If your car is parked in a driveway and you have no insurance and someone hits it?

If someone hits a parked car then they are automatically liable.

Your car was parked and hit by someone their insurance will cover it will your insurance go up?

No because they will only give you 25%, not even enough to buy a new hood! my car was parked and hit from behind and severly damaged the right quarter panel and more should i be worried about after effects from this backend damage

If a parked car opens their door as the parked car next to them is pulling away who is responsible legally?

The one backing out, because you should realize someone is opening a door.

If your car is parked in driveway behind your house how is it abandon?

its not

What does hashed out space on pavement mean also can someone describe what being double parked behind another vehicle looks like trying to not get towed?


I backed into a car that was parked illegally behind me is it my fault?

You Dummy!!

I was legally parked in a parking space and a vehicle pulled up behind me and parked not in a parking space and i backed into her who's fault is it?

It is your fault.

Why does a Toyota door lock when it is parked and running?

Because your car is running and they dont want someone to hop in your car and steal it

If someone hits your parked car do you have to pay your deductible?


What is potintiel energy?

Potential energy is "stored energy" because of its position in space. For example, a car parked at the top of a hill, or the water behind a dam.

Who is responsible if someone hits my parked car with out the parking brake set and then my car hits another parked car?

I think it would have to be the person who hit your car because they caused your car to crash into the other car.

If a car is parked 6 in behind another on private property and the other car accidentally hits it who is at fault?

The person who hit a parked vehicle is at fault.

If your car is parked illegally and someone is driving down a one way street drunk the wrong way and hits your car are they responsible to pay for the car or are you because your car was illegally?

The owner of the illegally parked vehicle may be ticketed, but the "at fault" driver is responsible for the damages to the parked vehicle.

Who is at fault when you back into someone parked directly across the street from your driveway?

The driver of the moving vehicle is at fault. The parked vehicle may have been parked illegally, but it didn't hit anything.

Who be be at fault if you hit an illegally parked car in Atlanta even if the illegally parked car was in a blind spot and the space where the car was parked illegally was too close for comfront?

It would be the car who had parked illegally because he was not parked in a legal spot.

Who would be at fault if your car caught fire from the car parked behind you in the roadway being on fire?

ummm... i guess soo... cuz its ur fault u parked there?

If someone parks their car behind your truck on your property and you back into them whose fault is it?

The law says it is your fault. Though they parked on your property, you backed into them, so though it's unfair, it's your fault : (

How many fee should you stay behind a parked car?

at a set of red lights. how many feet should you be behind the vehicle in front of you?

What happens when someone hits a uninsured parked car?

they are both screwed

Auto accident occurred because of trespasser illegally parked behind my car in my private driveway. Can he recover for damages?

however, most states have strict law that parked cars are not at fault under any circumstances, you could have avoided hitting it by paying attention, for instance, if it was your neighbors kid there and not that car, you would be resposibleAnswerno he was parked ilegally without permission and tresspassing

Who is at fault when you back into a car that is illegally parked?

Of course it is your fault. The fact that the car was illegally parked is of no consequence. You didn't look where you were backing or you would not have hit the parked car. Would you have hit this car if you had been looking? Perhaps the illegally parked car is a Mini Cooper, parked illegally 1 foot behind a Hummer and therefore not visable when the driver looks before backing up...

Who is at fault if someone backed into a car parked in a fire lane when there was ample room to avoid the collision?

In any jurisdiction in the US, you are at fault because you shouldn't have been parked there. She would have had even more room if you weren't parked illegally. No. Removing the "fire lane" sign would not have avoided the collision! You are not at fault for a collision just because you were parked in an illegal place when someone hit your car. That is why they have mirrors, windows and brakes on cars: so the other driver can see parked cars (or wandering children) and stop to avoid recklessly crashing into them. A person who could have avoided a collision by exercising ordinary care in stopping sooner, but failed to do so, is responsible for the entire damage, regardless of what was hit or how it got there.

What do you do when someone hits a parked car?

leave a note with your info or call the police

If someone parked a car in your yard four years ago can you keep it?