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the person that hit u in the rear is At Fault for failur to keep there car under control now if u stopped really fast and there was nothing to do its ur fault but the police still give the other guy the ticket for failur to keep there car under control inless u get a nice cop then nobody gets a ticket

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Q: Who is at fault if you was stopped in traffic and was hit in the rear-end by another vehicle?
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When stopped behind another vehicle in traffic approximately how far back should you remain?

15 feet

When you enter traffic from a stopped position always yield the right-of-way to?

When you enter traffic from a stopped and position, always yield the right of way to

A right turn is permitted at a red traffic signal only after the driver of the vehicle has?


What is the definition of unsafe movement of a stopped motor vehicle?

If there ios a person, another vehicle or a large object blocking the forward movement of the vehicle it wold be unsafe to move stopped vehicle.

What is aggravated fleeing and eluding in a traffic stop?

It is when the operator of the vehicle intentionally maneuvers so as not to be stopped by the traffic stop and continuing on when ordered to stop.

If you have an accident on the motorway and traffic backs up while you are moving your vehicle from the road and a car crashes trying to avoid the stopped traffic - are you to blame?

No. They were not travelling at a safe speed and did not have control of their vehicle.

If you rear ended a car and then it rear ended another car and that car hit another car who is at fault for each car?

If you rear end a stopped vehicle, which is pushed into another stopped vehicle and then that into another, you would be responsible for all of the vehicles.

Your son was driving his girlfriends car and she was in vehicle He rearend another vehicle which hit another vehicle and son was cited for following too close Whose insurance pays?

the girlfriends because its her car that started the crash but the son should offer to pay for the damages

Who is at fault if one vehicle entering a parking lot from traffic hits another vehicle exiting a parking space?

The vehicle exiting the parking space that did not yield to oncoming traffic.

Can you cross a double yellow line to pass a stopped vehicle with flashers on?

If the vehicle is stationary in the roadway blocking traffic, with its hazard flashers on (UNLESS IT IS A SCHOOL BUS OR EMERGENCY VEHICLE) you may proceed cautiously around it providing oncoming traffic is not a hazard.

When should you use four way flashers in a commercial vehicle?

When stopped and a possible hazard to traffic on the roadway, or when moving so slowly that you are a hazard to overtaking traffic.

Can you blame another driver causing the accident even thought they not involved in an accident?

I suppose you could blame anyone, but the short answer would be NO of course not if you are not involved in the acicdent. What is the extent of the neglience that they are allegeing? Now, if it is a situation such as these; "the wave of death', you are stopped in traffic and 'wave' another vehicle out from a stop and they are hit by traffic. You swerve into on coming traffic, (without making contact with another vehicle), but the vehicle you were headed towards, loses control or flips their vehicle trying to avoid you. Or similar situations, then yes, you could be held accountable. At least to some degree. If you could be more specific as to the exact facts of loss, I'm sure I could be of more assistance to you.

What is vehicle traffic?

vehicle traffic is the number of vehicles travelling on road.

You may passon the right of aonther vehicle when?

In general, only when the lane to the right of the other vehicle is an actual traffic lane, and not always then.The traffic violation "passing on the right" is generally interpreted as using the shoulder to pass another vehicle.

What is the technical definition of a road traffic accident?

The technical definition of a road traffic accident is a collision of one motor vehicle with another, a pedestrian, animal, or a stationary obstruction. Traffic collisions result in injury, death, vehicle damage and property damage.

What if your vehicle is in a traffic emergency and may collide with another vehicle if you do not take action Which of these is a good rule to remember at such a time?

To stay calm and relax

What type of vehicle is a rearend with serial number 15555679 from?

It is out of a 1988 Chevy suburban It is out of a 1988 Chevy suburban

What is a sentence with the word vehicle in it?

The police stopped the vehicle.We need a new vehicle.The vehicle was orange and had purple dots.The transport vehicle will arrive any minute.

Who is at fault when you skid on black ice and are hit by another vehicle?

If you slid out of your traffic lane or into an intersection, you probably are.

What is the violation code if a motorist drives over the double yellow line to pass a stopped vehicle traveling the same direction?

It dependa on the traffic on the other side of the road.

Will a automatic rearend work on a manual in a Chevy Camaro 1994?

Yes, Their is no difference between the rearends of a stick or automatic vehicle.

Why does the rearend look lowered its a 1997 Lincoln Continental?

The air bag rear suspension on your vehicle has failed. This is an expensive repair.

Can you cross a double solid yellow line?

Legally you are not supposed to cross a double solid yellow line. Another Answer: There are exceptions. You can cross it to go around a stopped vehicle and for a few other reasons, not to pass another vehicle.

What do th numbers on the back of cars mean?

It's the vehicle license number so a police officer can track it to see who owns it and if another officer has stopped the vehicle before.

What is a vehicle stopped without an operator at the controls?

Such a vehicle is said to be parked.