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I would have to say that technically it would be the driver pulling out of the parking space. TECHNICALLY speaking that is. The insurance companies would probably try to say it is an equal at fault accident maybe.

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Usually their is no fault associated with parking lots. I'm sure your insurance company looks at it as your fault.

Backing up or entering a lane of traffic is always determined to be the cause of an accident. Drivers in those situations are required to yield to approaching traffic.

It would be no different than parallel parking a car, except you have more length to deal with, and you're more likely to have to actually get out and look, or have someone guide you in.

most of the time the person already in the 'driving lane'' having possession of that lane, other drivers have to yield to that person...however if someone were speeding more than likely will be a comparative neglience assessed to someone as well........

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"Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?" "Who is at fault when someone is backing out of a driveway on private property and you are pulling into the driveway and you get hit?"

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It is not illegal to leave your car running while waiting for someone in a parking lot as long as someone (a licensed driver) is in the car.

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If you're just stopping, that means you're stopping for something such as a red light or stop sign. Parking is you're pulling into a parking lot, putting your car in park, turning off the motor, and entering a business or house.

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