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Most state it will always be the persons fault who opened the door, you could not have anticipated at what point they were going to open their door, they could have looked before opening thoughAnswerPolice do not have jurisdiction in vehicle accidents on private parking lots unless there are injuries or other such circumstances.

In most states the person who opened the vehicle's door without checking to see if it was safe would be At Fault, not the person pulling into the parking space.

It would be in the best interest of the questioner to get legal advice from an attorney before making any agreement if discussing the matter with his or her insurance provider does not provide a satisfactory solution.

ExceptionIn some places (such as Massachusetts) police have jurisdiction over any licensed driver and any motor vehicle operating in violation of traffic laws on any public way or any other way open to the public, including enforcement of signs and signals posted by the private owner.
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Q: Who is at fault when you pull into a parking space the car next to you swings open their door and hit your car No police were called and the other driver says its my fault and wants 2500 also car rent?
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