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Who is better Hannah Montana or Emily Osmen?

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Because Emily's a real person, I'd say Emily.

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Who plays lily in Hannah Montanna?

Emily osmen plays the role of lily in Hannah Montana

What is the song called from the movie cyberbully?

One Of The Songz Are Called Drift By Emily osmen And The Song Breath Me By Sia Is Played During The Suicide Scene

How pupils does Emily osment have in her family?

She has a father, mother, and brother. Father:Michael Eugene Osmen Mother:Theresa Osment, Brother:Haley Joel Osment ( know for the movie Sixth Sense)

Who is cutter Debby Ryan Emily osmen or Ashley Tisdale?

Not a question! AShley is beyond doubt the best of all! Have u seen her in her original hair colour? Debby is just fake and Emily is kinda pretty but nowhere near Ashley Tisdale :)

What has the author Sarah Ann Osmen written?

Sarah Ann Osmen has written: 'Sacred places' -- subject(s): Pictorial works, Sacred space

Who is the worlds most famous climber?

Dan osmen

Are emiley osmen and Miley Cyrus friends?

Yes, they are good friends.

Names of Famous people 1970?

Jim Morrison Clint Eastwood James Brolin Valerie Bertenelie Bill Cosby David Cassedy Donny Osmen Micheal Jackson Charlie Sheen Freddie Mercury

Did Emily Osment get Lilly on Hannah Montana?

Emily plays Lily in Hannah Montana.

Who plays lily in Hannah Montana?

Emily Osment plays Lily and Lola on Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana Forever

Hannah Montana bbf?

Hannah Montana's bff is Emily Osment playing as Lily on Hannah Montana

Who plays Lilly on Hannah Montana?

Emily Osment plays Lilly in Hannah Montana.

Who play's lilly in Hannah Montana?

Emily Osment plays as lily on Hannah Montana

Were is Emily from Hannah Montana?

she is in Miami

How old was Emily Osment when she started acting on Hannah Montana?

Emily Osment was 14 when she started acting on Hannah Montana which was in 2006

Is Emily Osment on Hannah Montana?

Yes, she is.

Dose Emily from Hannah Montana have a sister?

No. Emily Osment does not have a sister.

Who did Emily go for in Hannah Montana?

Emily went for lily and she got it

Does Emily Osment Hannah Montana have a boyfriend?

no Emily osment does not have a boyfriend!

Who plays Lily Trescott in Hannah Montana?

The girl who acts as Lily in Hannah Montana is Emily Osment.

What is lilys real name from Hannah Montana?

Emily Osment is the real name of lily in Hannah Montana

Is Miley Cyrus better then Hannah Montana?

she is Hannah Montana

What is lillie's real name on Hannah Montana?

Lilly real name off Hannah Montana is Emily Osment

How did Emily Osment get on Hannah Montana?

She auditioned to be on Hannah Montana and got the part as Lily Truscott and Lola Lufnagle

What is the real name of lilly on Hannah Montana?

Well Lilly real named on Hannah Montana is Emily Osment.