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Waynee !

Boosie is tha best rapper alive

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Who better lil Wayne or lil boosie?

lil Wayne

Is lil boosie better then Lil Wayne?


Is Lil Wayne a better rapper than lil boosie?

First of all No! And also its Lil Uzi Vert get it right periodtt!!

Who is better lil boosie or Lil Wayne?

I think Lil boosie is because Lil Wayne don't song real song

Is Lil Wayne a better rapper then lil boosie?

yeah he is one of the best rappers ever lil Wayne is way better than lil boosie

Is Lil Wayne better than lil boosie?


Who better lil boosie or Lil Wayne?

lil boosie he got the best im listining to him now wipe me down

Does lil Wayne and lil boosie beefing?

yeah, when lil Wayne robbed boosie for his money.

Who is better rapper lil boosie or lil Wayne?

LIL Wayne was but lil boosie be blankin boosie da realist no one can ever top lil Wayne... end of story. Fxck no lil Wayne be spittinqq that BULLshxt nd he fake as the fxck out here all we jam is boosie bad asz lil Wayne pxssy asz could never a be asz real as boosie with his ol wack asz boosie go hard all the way -*Jasmine M.;

Is lil boosie better than Lil Wayne?

The answer is no. Lil Boosie is not better than lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has much more experience in the rap game. Despite what the haters say, lil Wayne has an awesome flow. If you listen to the first verse of "the sky is the limit", You will also see that lil Wayne is a genius with words.

Who is the best rapper alive out of lil boosie and lil Wayne?

Lil Boosie Hands Down Lil Wayne & Young Money Are Sell Outs. Lil Boosie Is In Jail but & 2013 when he get released you'll see the music industry change for the better.

Who the best rapper out lil boosie and lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne and Lil Boosie are good rappers but Lil Boosie will murder with the rapping styles......Lil Wayne is starting to go with that skater boy this is the answer to everyone. Who is the best rapper? Lil Boosie

Who dress better lil Wayne or lil boosie?

lil boosie wayy wayy betta then lil wayne dnt spit that real stuff bosiie do no metter if he in jail wats that post to mean

Who makes more money lil boosie or lil Wayne?

lil boosie of course.

Are Lil Boosie and Lil Wayne beefing?


Is lil Wayne and lil boosie beefing?


Is Lil Wayne lil boosie beefing?

no their not

Do lil boosie have beef with Lil Wayne?


Does Lil Boosie have beef with Lil Wayne?


Who is better lilboosie or drake?

lil boosie is a much better rap artist, drake is to busy tring to be more like Wayne hands down lil boosie is

Is Lil boosie Lil Wayne's brother?

basically no plus lil boosie has no respect for wayne

Can Lil Wayne beat up lil boosie?

hell naw lil boosie got them hands

Do Lil Wayne go harder then lil boosie?

lil boosie go harder and he bout what he talk about

Is rabbit Lil Wayne and lil boosie daddy?


Who were Selena quintanilla friends?

lil wayne lil boosie