Who is better OJ mayo or derrick rose?


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OJ mayo eats derrick rose in reversw

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That depends. Michael Beasley is mostly a small forward and will be effective in different ways than the other two. Michael will be a more lengthy player who will use his size to get points in the paint and knock down jump shots who can post up when he needs/wants to. He will be a better rebounder than the other two because of his size. Derrick Rose is a point guard, on the other hand. He is expected to contribute more than the other two guys and will have a good number of assists every game. Derrick is great at driving to the basket and can cross just about anyone over. He will be a great leader and effective differently than Michael Beasley. OJ Mayo is a shooting guard, making all three different position players. He is a pure scorer and has the need to get big points off of many shots at times. He will get a few assists and rebounds, but not too much in one category night to night. OJ will lead his team as a much needed scorer, but not in the ways Beasley and Rose will. They will all lead their teams in different ways, but in my opinion, Rose will be better. He is just too talented in many ways and can take over games late. Derrick Rose is the best out of the 3 as he has all the fundamentals and good stuff you need to be an NBA player. Go Derrick Rose.

There is no informatio to support that OJ Mayo has a birth mark on his back. Perhaps what has been seen is a tattoo. You may search the web or even go to your local library and obtain the Biography of OJ Mayo.

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Personally no i won't, but yes there is a NBA draft with the likea of OJ Mayo and other great names that would be in one.

U can..... But oj work better

Otis Williams Jr. (born on November 26, 1981) , better known by his stage name OJ da Juiceman, is an American rapper.

Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretsky, Pete Rose, OJ Simpson, and many others.

USC beat Indiana 14-3. OJ Simpson scored both USC touchdowns. To date, it was the only appearance by Indiana in the Rose Bowl.

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In 2008-09, Durant defeated Joe Johnson and OJ Mayo. In 2009-10, Durant defeated Rajon Rondo and Omri Casspi.

No. OJ is an abbreviation or a proper noun/name.

OJ stands for, Orange Juice.

At the very time, King Tut was the head coach of the Memphis Pyramids, so he hired Kobe and Paul Pierce to play on his team. He soon found out that they averaged very high PPG's until the very starry night of April 32, 1592. To better the playing time, they drank minute maids to maintain their scoring. After scoring nearly 1 point per game, they drank OJ and ate Peanut butter and Mayo Sandwiches, so they hired OJ Mayo. He was good and was the OJ-boy of his great team. They went on to win the MLA Works Cited Championships. So, therefore Memphis was made in Ancient Egypt. I hope I answered your question.

No. OJ is not allowed in Scrabble.

....natural source is always better than chemical source....OJ all the way!

No. Oj is not a legal Scrabble word.

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Oj Da Juiceman is from Decatur, GA.

Yeah oj born and raise in ATL.

Because OJ is short for orange juice.

Mayo was drafted 3rd overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He traded shortly after the draft along with Marko Jaric, Antoine Walker, and Greg Buckner to the Memphis Grizzlies for fellow draft class member Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal, and Jason Collins. He is slated to be the starting shooting guard for the Memphis Grizzlies this season.

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