Who is better zidane or messi?

zidane is far better. messi only appears good because footballers now aren't as

good as they used to be 10 years ago. also messi needs a playmaker like xavi or

iniesta to play with him. zidane is a playmaker, but can control a match by himself.

to prove this i'd advise you to watch highlights or France vs Brazil in the 2006 fifa

world cup.

so i think ZIDANE is worlds above Messi!!!

well i will say Zidane because he has won everything you could win in football career. Zidane is better at shooting, passing, free kick, header, crossing, tackle, skills and he can dribble but not as fast as Messi

Zidane is a player-maker and Messi is a finisher. they are both different type of players.