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Who is bisexual?

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In the case of humans, a bisexual would be anybody whom carry a desire (sexual or emotional) for both men and women. Bisexual and homosexual characteristics have been seen in both humans and animals alike.

There are a lot more Bisexual people than you would think. You already know several people, they just haven't told you that they are Bi. Yet.

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You do not have to be bisexual. If you do not want to be bisexual, then you do not have to.

Nobody turns bisexual. If a woman is bisexual, she has always been bisexual.

He plays a bisexual character, but he is not bisexual

No he is not bisexual.

Stevie is not bisexual.

When you are bisexual, you do the exact same things as a non-bisexual person.

She is definitely not bisexual.

school is cool. yes is is bisexual

sexual orientation cannot be changed. If someone is bisexual, they are bisexual for life.

If you are not already bisexual, your chances of becoming bisexual are about 0%.

No he is not a bisexual.

No, he is not bisexual.

He is not bisexual.

Yes, Diddy is bisexual.

No, he is not bisexual.

Halldor is indeed bisexual!

yes it is a bisexual flower

If you're a bisexual interested in living the bisexual experience, go out any explore it. It depends on what you want to do.

More females are bisexual then lezbian, but only 5-7% of females are truly bisexual. At young ages, often high school, females have bisexual curiosity, and tendancies, but this doesn't make them bisexual. If they are not willing to have a relationship just like they would with a man, then they are not bisexual. Bisexual means that you like both man and woman.

Anyone can be bisexual, including Arabs.

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