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Who is bob pruitt football coach at marshall?


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May 06, 2008 12:45PM

From WSAZ News: Bob Pruett to Coach Again Save Email Print Former Herd coach off to the University of Virginia Posted: 5:32 PM Feb 14, 2008 Last Updated: 11:41 PM Feb 14, 2008 Reporter: Keith Morehouse After three years in retirement, former Marshall Head Coach Bob Pruett is returning to the college game again, this time as a defensive coordinator at Virginia. Pruett resigned after 9 years at Marshall, where he won 94 games, 5 MAC Championships and 5 bowl games. He'll coach under Al Groh, for whom he worked as Defensive Coordinator at Wake Forest. Coach Pruett told WSAZ sports director Keith Morehouse that "it's a great opportunity at the right time for me."