Who is building the Berbice Bridge?

The Berbice River Bridge is being built by a consortium of Guyanese private businesses and Guyana's National Insurance Scheme. It is believed that a significant component of the investment funds is sourced both directly and indirectly from the National Insurance Scheme. The consortium is named Berbice Bridge Company Incorporated (BBCI) with head offices in the Capital, Georgetown. BBCI's operation is under a concession arrangement with the Government of Guyana; BBCI would fund the 1.57km long pontoon floating bridge across the Berbice River between the D'Edward Village on the west side and Crab Island on the east side of the river. The Government of Guyana is funding the approach roads, almost 4km long, to each end of the bridge. In addition, BBCI is funding all anciliary investments including toll stations, an office and maintenance facility.

Under th concession agrement, BBCI would operate the bridge as a toll service and recover financial returns over a 21 year period, when the investment would be handed over to the Government.