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In 1982 The Chicago Tribune asked 49 historians to rank 38 presidents from Washington to Carter. These were the results:(S.Menzel) 1-Lincoln 2-F.D.Roosevelt 3-Washington 4-T.Roosevelt 5-Jefferson 6-Jackson 7-Wilson 8-Truman 9-Eisenhower 10-Mckinley 11-Polk 12-L.B.Johnson 13-Cleveland 14-J.Adams (tie) 14-Kennedy (tie) 16-Monroe 17-Madison 18-Van Buren 19-J.Q.Adams 20-Taft 21-Hoover 22-Hayes 23-Ford 24-Arther 25-B.Harrison 26-Carter 27-Coolidge 28-Taylor 29-Tyler 30-Grant 31-Fillmore 32-A.Johnson 33-Garfield 34-Nixon 35-Pierce 36-Buchanan 37-Harding 38-W.H.Harrison It's a matter of personal opinion. I am Canadian, but my favorites were Abraham Lincoln and JFK. Marcy

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Q: Who is consider the best President?
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Which past president does President Obama consider the model president?

President Kennedy and his family

Do you have to have a high school diploma to run for president?

Yes or they will not consider you and possibly consider you stupid.

Did President Lincoln consider himself an abolitionist?

Yes, because he wanted to end slavery, but he did not want to end racism.

Do you consider Emilio a guinaldo as a hero or a mere president?

no no and no

Was Eisenhower the best president?

He was definitely the best president of all!

Was president Eisenhower the best president?

this question is an opinion because some people misht say (for example) that President Washington was the best president and some might indeed agree that President Eisenhower was the best president.

What are the legislative powers of the president?

The president of the United States has no legislative powers. He or she can suggest bills for Congress to consider, but the president does not make law.

What a head of state?

In the U.S the President can be consider the head of state.

Who is the best Philippine president?

Your Question:*Who is the best Philippine President?* My Answer: Ramon Magsaysay (The Third President of the Philippines)

Who is the best president ever in Philippines?

for me Cory Aquino is the best president of the Philippines..........

Whose the best president in the world?

Barack Obama is the best president in the world

Why do we consider the inauguration of President Obama a most historical event?

He is the first African American president for the United States

The forth president of the Philippines?

I would say Manuel Roxas unless you consider Jose P. Laurel as the third president of the Philippines. IMO he doesn't count as he was just the "caretaker" of the Philippine government under the Japanese occupation If you consider Laurel as the third president then Sergio Osmena is the fourth president

Who is best for president?

That depends on your political party. A Republican would believe that a Republican president is best, while a Democrat would believe that a Democratic president is best.

Was President Wilson the best president in US history?

No, but president Washington, Lincoln, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan were probably the best

What country did president bush consider to be part of the axis of evil?


Who is the best president in Asia?

The Best President in the Philippines and not only in Asia but in entire World is no other than President Ferdinand Marcos - the 10th President of the Philippines.

What did John Hancock do to make us consider him?

He was president of the Continental Congress when independence was signed, making him the first American President.

Film critics consider that movie the best of the decade-?

Film critics consider Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood" to be the best movie of the decade.

Why do most historians consider Warren Harding to have been a poor president?

Most historians consider Warren Harding to be a poor president because he made some very bad/poor choices while in office.

Which president is the best chief administrator?

President Truman

Was Theodore Roosevelt a good leader?

Many people consider Theodore Roosevelt to be a good leader and one of the best presidents. Not only was he a good president but he was also a good police commissioner.

Who is The best paid president?

The President of Singapore is the best paid president, earning the equivalent of approximately $3.5 million US dollars annually.

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Does the president makes the rules for congress?

No- the president does not tell Congress how to conduct business. The president can call Congress back into session if there is some special issue he wants them to consider.