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In 1982 The Chicago Tribune asked 49 historians to rank 38 presidents from Washington to Carter. These were the results:(S.Menzel) 1-Lincoln 2-F.D.Roosevelt 3-Washington 4-T.Roosevelt 5-Jefferson 6-Jackson 7-Wilson 8-Truman 9-Eisenhower 10-Mckinley 11-Polk 12-L.B.Johnson 13-Cleveland 14-J.Adams (tie) 14-Kennedy (tie) 16-Monroe 17-Madison 18-Van Buren 19-J.Q.Adams 20-Taft 21-Hoover 22-Hayes 23-Ford 24-Arther 25-B.Harrison 26-Carter 27-Coolidge 28-Taylor 29-Tyler 30-Grant 31-Fillmore 32-A.Johnson 33-Garfield 34-Nixon 35-Pierce 36-Buchanan 37-Harding 38-W.H.Harrison It's a matter of personal opinion. I am Canadian, but my favorites were Abraham Lincoln and JFK. Marcy

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2006-05-21 07:42:59
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Q: Who is consider the best President?
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