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Who is considered Italy's main person?

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The president of the republic is the most important citizen of Italy.

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What is Italy's main religion?

Italys main religion is roman chatolic.

What are the religious beliefs of Italy?

Italys main religious beliefs was Christianity.

What are Italy's major religons?

italys main religon is cathlic and Christianity

Italys National Drink?

Limoncello is now considered the national drink of Italy.

What is Italys timezone?

Italys is in the southern time zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the main export of Italy?

Italys major export is fish,corn,cheese and bologna.

What are italys main city?

venice, milan, rome, bologna, florence,turin, palermo, and naples

What is Italys national tree?

italys national tree is the elm tree

What is Italys Santa Claus?

italys santa clauses name is "la befana" she is a girl

Who is Italys best soccer player?

i think italys best soccer pleyer is Mario Balotelli

What is Italys Capital?

The answer is Rome.

What is Italys government?

oyoyoyogh <---------jackass

What is Italys national sport?

the answer is football

What is Italys culture like?

Mostly about art and food. I love it. Go to Italy and see for yourself.

What are some of Italy's important people?

One of Italys most important person is Michelangelo,Salvator Ferangamo,Giorgio Armani,and Leanardo da Venci

What is Italys religion?

the most popular religion is Christian.

How is Italy's government set up?

how is italys government

Who was Italys allies?

Germany Japan Romania Hungary

What is Italys contenent?

Italy is located on the continent of Europe.

What are Italys natural resources?

I don't know maybe pasta.

What is Italys nickname?

The "boot" because of its land form shape.

What are Italys economic features?

the rivves and stores. also the clothes

Italy Fashion article?

italys fashion article is awsome.

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