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It really depends on the type of tattoo you want. One that has been shown in many tattoo magazines is Jay Wheeler of Eternal Tattoos. You can find some of his work on their website.

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Q: Who is considered the best tattoo artist in Michigan?
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Who is the best tattoo artist in Michigan?

danny boyz tattoos detroit mi 48205

Best tattoo artist in Texas?

Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages Tattoo in Austin

Can you have a tattoo if you have had radiotheraphy recently?

Getting a tattoo when you have had radiotherapy is not recommeded as there may be a chance of the spread of infection, but the best thing you can do is ask the tattoo artist beforehand.

Who is the best Tattoo artist in Calgary?

Mandy Wendt ! Find her on Facebook ahah

Tattoo that will cost 3000 how much do I tip the artist at each sitting?

An example, If you pay 1000$ for your tattoo, then the tattoo artist will only get 300$. Next, the tattoo artists will have to buy the tattoo equipment on their own. Needles, inks, machines cost money. And they have to fill the taxes as well. Paying around 20% to 30% is a generous and fair tip for the tattoo. Always think about how much time the tattoo artist spent on making the best masterpiece on your skin. Make sure it is reflected in the gratuity.

Who are some Good tattoo artist in baton rouge?

Check out Art Addiction Tattoo at 13580 Coursey Blvd. in Baton Rouge, Kristin is one of the BEST tattoo artist in Baton Rouge! Call 225-753-7733

Can you get a tattoo if you have a cold?

Yes, you can. It also depends on the artist, some will not tattoo you if you are sick. It would be best to wait until you are over your cold.

Who is the best tattoo artist in Las Vegas?

Mauricio "Prime" Martinez is by far the best tattoo artist in las vegas. He's one of the best in the world at only 29. Google Mauricio Martinez Tattoo, or find him on facebook under: PRIME CUSTOMS. He guarantees his work will be better than any other tattoo you have, or its free. He's simply amazing. Check him out for yourself!!

Who is considered the world's best artist?

Best ArtistMichelangelo is considered to be the world's best artist.Another answer:Since there is no official ranking, every answer is necessarily subjective.Others may vote for Leonardo da Vinci.Everyone has a different favorite artist in mind. So for example if I tell you that Selena Gomez is the best artist, and you love Micheal Jackson, it won't be fair. These is NO best artist, but yes. Michelangelo is considered to be the world's best artist.

Which ankle is considered lesbian if tattooed?

There is no "lesbian tattoo ankle". Tattoo whichever ankle you think will look best.

How would someone find a tattoo artist that is qualified to do a baby portrait?

There are several ways to find a tattoo artist who is qualified to do a baby portrait. The best way to find one is to visit several tattoo shops to look at artists' portfolios. Doing this will allow one to compare artists' work and choose the artist who seems most qualified.

Can you get your tongue tattooed?

Yes. It is possible tattoo even eye! Just be careful. Find the best artist.

Who is the best tattoo artist in Seattle?

My personal favorite is Will Bodnar from Cicada Tattoo. Seattle has many good artists though, so I guess it depends on what style you are going for.

What is the Best thing to put on fresh tattoo?

I used bacitracin and it turned out good. you can always ask your artist too.

Who is the best tattoo artist on the east coast?

There is Danish merchant located in the souht-east quadrant of the Antarctic circle who is an excellent tattoo artist and produces a high standard of standards, he has a 100% success rate and is very famous, his name is .... Peter Alfred Hobern

What are the duties of a tattoo artist?

Type your answer here... be er clean and sterile, do your best when tatting. be straight forward and honest with your client.

What is Kat Von D best known for?

Tattoo artist, featured on a show called L.A. Ink. Overpriced tattoos.

Who are some people that are considered among the best tattoo artists in North America?

There are many tattoo artists which are considered great artists. Kat von D, Corey Miller, Ami James, and Chris Garver are all popular tattoo artists in North America.

Who is considered the best Striptease Artist of all time?

Gypsy Rose Lee

Can someone be tattooed with thromophilia?

To be honest I'm not entirely sure. Your best bet is to go talk to your desired tattoo artist. They should defiantly have the answer.

Who is the best tattoo artist in the US?

It depends on many factors seeing every artist has a different style so it just depends on what style you like and who YOU think is the best. Do lots of research and look around and by the way the ones all over tv aren't always the best.

Where can you find good harp tattoos?

Your best bet is to talk to your tattoo artist and ask them to design a tattoo specifically for you, it's much more personal that flash that you might find on the internet. Or try finding photos of real harps and bring a few in to your artist to give her/him a better idea of what you're looking for.

What is the best tattoo shop in catterick garrison?

The best Tattoo Studio in catterick garrison is Slinky Ink Tattoo Studio.

Who is the best tattoo artist in Hawaii?

TattooAdam , 434 ena road , Honolulu , Hawaii 96815 808-391-8287,

Do you have to wait a whole year before covering a scar with a tattoo or can you do it sooner?

it entirely depends on how fast you've healed and how deep and nasty your scar is. Scar tissue tends to be alot different to tattoo than "regular" skin. its best to consult your tattoo artist as each case varies