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According to the Producers on Broadway website, the current lead cast is as follows: * John Treacy Egan - Max Bialystock * Hunter Foster - Leo Bloom * Lee Roy Reams - Roger DeBris * Brad Musgrove - Carmen Ghia * Bill Nolte - Franz Liebkind * Angie Schworer - Ulla * Pamela Dayton - Shirley, Kiss-me Feel-me, Foreman of Jury * Madeline Doherty - Hold-me Touch-me * Eric Gunhus - Lead Tenor * Kevin Ligon - Mr. Marks, Kevin, Jason Green, Sergeant, Trustee * Peter Marinos - Bryan, Jack Lepidus, Judge * Christina Marie Norrup - Usherette, Lick-me Bite-me

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Is there a website for Broadway?

While there are a number of website dedicated to ticketing, news, and merchandise, Broadway itself does not have a website. Individual productions currently performing in Broadway theaters will also have their own sites.

When did Producers premire on Broadway?

The musical, The Producers, first appeared on Broadway on April 19, 2001. The show ended up running for 2,502 performances. The Producers won 12 Tony Awards.

What show is currently on Broadway?

For a list of currently running Broadway and Off-Broadway shows with reviews from theatre-goers, go to

When will CATS come back to Broadway?

its up to the producers

Who decides if a musical goes to Broadway?

The Producers of the Show ultimately decide whether or not the show transfers to Broadway.

Was The Little Mermaid on Broadway?

Yes the Little Mermaid is currently on Broadway.

Is Across the Universe on Broadway?

Across the Universe is not on Broadway. It was a musical film with songs from the Beatles. Currently there are no plans to adapt it for a Broadway run.

When will Les Miserables be on Broadway again?

It probably wont be on Broadway again, but it is currently playing in London.

How many Broadway sHow is are there in New York City?

There are currently 34 shows playing on Broadway.

Is there any current auditons for film tv or Broadway? is a great site where you can find plenty of oppritunities to bee seen by Broadway and TV producers!

What Broadway musical does Larry David star in on the TV show Curb What if your Enthusiasm?

The Producers

What Broadway musical does Larry david star in on the tv show Curb Your Enthusiasm?

The Producers

Who is the lead role in phantom currently?

on broadway, John Cudia.

How many Broadway theatres are currently named for females?


How many Broadway theaters in New York City?

There are currently forty recognized Broadway theaters in New York City.

As a screenplay it won Mel Brooks an Oscar As a Broadway book it won him a Tony What show is this?

The Producers

What are some shows currently playing on Broadway in New York?

There are currently a wide range of shows playing on Broadway in New York. Some of the many that are currently offered are Chicago, Annie, The Book of Mormon, Jersey Boys and The Lion King.

What Broadway plays begin with p?

The Phantom of the OperaThe ProducersPippinPromises, PromisesPlaza Suite

When did the Jonas brothers first begin performing?

they went on their 1st tour in 2005 but Nick was on Broadway when he was 6

Who are the three largest producers of oil?

Currently, the world's top three oil producers are:Saudi ArabiaRussiaUSA

Is there a difference between the genre called musical theater and what people call musicals on Broadway?

Yes there is. Musical theatre combines many different aspects of performing such as music, singing and dialogue whereas musicals on broadway is actual singing on Broadway.

How long was mamma mia on Broadway?

The musical opened on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre on October 18, 2001 and is currently running, as of March 8, 2011.

What is Evan kasprzak doing now?

He is currently playing the role of Elmer in the Broadway production.

Why are the Grease shows on Broadway cancelled?

Today (1/4/09) was the last performance of Grease on Broadway. Grease is currently on a national tour starring Taylor Hicks.

What do daddy Yankee do now?

He released his last album: Mundial and is currently performing.