Celtic History

Who is descended from the Celts?

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What cultural groups are descended from the Celts?

Irish, Scottish, Welsh

Who are the wales?

They are a nation of people situated in the west of Britain and are descended from Celts

Who are the Britons descended from?

Direct descent is difficult to determine. There are large influences from the Celts, Saxons, Normans and Romans.

What is the race of Scotland?

The Scottish people are descended from the Celts, the Scotti's (after whom the country is named), the Picts and to a smaller degree the Vikings.

What is Icelands ethnicity?

Icelanders are descended from Norsemen of Scandinavia and Celts from Ireland and Scotland. 60-80% Nordic and the rest Celtic.

People who live in Ireland are descended from?

People in Ireland are descended from a whole range of peoples, not one single group. People talk about all Irish people being descended from the Celts. The Celts are but one of many origins that Irish people have. The Celts were not the first people to come to Ireland, as many people believe. It is believed some people from Spain arrived first. Ireland has had people come from many other places too, like the Vikings. There are people living in Ireland now from countries from all over the world. So there is no single answer to your question.

Where did the Celts come from?

Celts originated in central Europe not Ireland.They word "Celt" comes from the Greek word "keltoi"ANOTHER ANSWER:The Celts of Britain and Ireland are descended from Post-Ice Age settler from Northern Spain, especially the Basque country. This is indicated by the Y-chromosome studies of the past sveral years.Ireland.

When an where did the British came from?

As of 2011, from just about every country of the world. Historically they are descended from Celts, Picts, Irish, Romans, Vikings, Angles, Saxons and Normans.

Are the mongols and great Britain the same?

No. The British people are primarily descended from Celts and Normans, from the British Isles and Scandinavia and western Europe. The Mongols originated in central Asia

Are all Irish people descended from the Celts?

No. The first people that came to Ireland were not Celts. They came from the north of Spain. Other peoples came to Ireland too, that make what is now the Irish people, including Vikings and Normans. So, like any country in the world, the people in Ireland have various origins.

Did the Celts have pencils?

The celts did not have pencils.

What illnesses did the Celts have?

did the celts have any illnesses

Who won the battle of the Romans and Celts?


Why did the Celts attack the Romans?

The Celts where jelous of the Romans so they attack't the Romans the Celts lost

Did the Celts beat the Romans or the Romans beat the Celts?

The Romans won the battle against the Celts.

What ethnic group has the palest skin?

The Scots who are descended from the Celts and Vikings are the palest skinned people in the world. Unlike England and Ireland, they have less southern influence leading to more predomiantly pale skin.

What do you call people who lived in ancient Ireland?

Celts, Tuatha de Danann, FirbolgCeltsCelts.

When did the Celts come to Britain?

When did Celts come to Britain

Were the Celts buried?

The Celts were buried in Megalithic tombs.

Who were the leaders of the Celts?

The leader of the Celts was queen boudicca

Were the Picts Celts?

The picts (the painted people) were celts.

What did the Celts enjoy doing?

what did celts enjoy doing

What continent is Celts in?

The Celts were in Europe.

How did the Celts die out?

Celts have not died out. Descendants of the Celts can be found living in Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany.

Why were cattle important to the Celts?

They were there to protect the Celts ! and use for food