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Q: Who is doctor Rowley in Fever 1793?
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How many chapter are in fever 1793?

There are 29 chapters in the book fever 1793

Who is the author of the book Fever 1793?

Laurie Halse Anderson wrote Fever 1793.

In the book fever 1793 who benefited from the pestilence?

In Fever 1793 the rats benefited from the pestilence.

How did the yellow fever of 1793 start?

The Yellow fever started in 1793 was spread by mosquitos

What is the setting for the book fever 1793?


How does Matilda get yellow fever in Fever 1793?

She doesnt

What is the climax of Fever 1793?

The climax of the story is when the fever is gone and the first frost comes.

Where does the story Fever 1793 take place in?

fever takes place in 1793 in philedelphia,PA in a coffeshop

Who was a person who got sick from the Yellow Fever in 1793?

Many people got sick with yellow fever in 1793.

What is a sad part in fever 1793?

The saddest part in Fever 1793 was when Matilda's grandfather died and she was left alone.

Who does the fever belong to in the book fever 1793?

The Flaviviridae family.

What is the sequel to fever 1793?

there is none

Who are the main charters of Fever 1793 book?

The main character of Fever 1793 is Matilda Cook [Mattie Cook for short]

What is the important problem of the book fever 1793?

a fever called the yellow fever came.

Does Matilda get yellow fever in Fever 1793?

yes and she recovers from it too.

What is the resolution of Fever 1793?

The resolution of Fever 1793 is the return of Maddie\'s mother who had been missing and ill for several weeks.

When did Yellow Fever come to Philadelphia?


When was brown boy born?

1793 FEVER

What is the setting of Fever 1793?

Philadelphia, and the coffeehouse.

When did yellow fever happen in Philadelphia?

In 1793

Where is the coffee house in Fever 1793?

in philadelphia

Who published Fever 1793?

Simon &Schuster

What was the cause of the yellow fever- 1793?

yellow fever is caused by disease carrying mosquitoes called Coquillettidia fuscopennata there are shots you can get to prevent yellow fever in your body but they had not invented it in 1793

How many pages are there in Fever 1793?

Fever 1793 is by Laurie Halse Anderson. The paperback has 272 pages. The Turtleback edition has 251 pages.

What year did yellow fever strike Philadelphia?

1793 is when yellow fever was in philadelphia.