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Maree Cheatham is the famous aunt of actress Jenna-Loiuse Coleman. Jenna is a Bristish actress who is well-known for her role in the program Doctor Who

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How old is Jenna-Louise Coleman?

UK actress Jenna-Louise Coleman is 31 years old (birthdate April 27, 1986).

What is the name of the actress who plays Jazmine in Emmerdale?

Jenna-Louise Coleman

When was Jenna-Louise Coleman born?

Jenna-Louise Coleman was born on 1986-04-27.

What is the birth name of Jenna Coleman?

Jenna Coleman's birth name is Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Is jenna louise Coleman and Zendaya Coleman sisters?


Does Jenna louise Coleman smoke?

No she does not

Is Jenna-Louise Coleman christian?


Who does Jenna Louise Coleman play in the avengers?


Is Clara from Doctor Who English?

Clara Oswald (the impossible girl) is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and portrayed by Jenna Coleman in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Jenna-Louise Coleman (born 27 April 1986), known as Jenna Coleman, is an English actress.

Who plays Lindsey in Waterloo road?

Jenna-Louise Coleman

Who is going to be the next companion on Doctor Who?

Jenna-Louise Coleman

Who is famous actress?

Jenna Stinson is a very famous actress

Will Jenna-Louise Coleman be in Waterloo Road?

Jenna-Louise Coleman joined the cast of Waterloo Road at the start of series 5 in October 2009. She played the part of Lindsay James, but left in December 2009.

Who plays Lindsay from Waterloo road?

Lindsay James is played by Jenna-Louise Coleman (who is amazing)!!

Does jenna louise Coleman have kids?

No she doesn't. I am her biggest ever fan so you can trust me with this one. :)

Who is the Doctor Whos assistant?

His new assitant/companion is a woman called Jenna-Louise Coleman :)

How tall is Jenna Coleman?

Jenna Coleman is 5' 2".

Who is Jenna Louise Coleman going to accompany?

Christmastime 2012 Jenna will appear alongside Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) in Doctor Who. She is set to be his next companion.

What nicknames does Jenna Coleman go by?

Jenna Coleman goes by Jen.

Is jenna Louise Coleman atheist?

No research i could find discloses her beliefs, or lack of. One can only hope she is.

Who will be the new companion in doctor who series 7?

Her name is Jenna-Louise Coleman. We don't know the name of the character she will be playing though.

When was Jenna Coleman born?

Jenna Coleman was born on April 27, 1986, in Blackpool, England, UK.

When was American actress Jenna Dewan born?

The American actress Jenna Dewan was born December 3, 1980 and is famous for her roles in Step Up and The Playboy Club. She is 31 years old.

Who plays 'Clara oswin oswald' in doctor who?

Jenna-Louise Coleman Plays Clara, the Doctor's new companion, the Dalek, and the Victorian Governess.

What is the birth name of Jenna Stern?

Jenna Stern's birth name is Jenna Louise Stern.

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