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Who is gay in Hollywood?

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A list of Famous Gay People including gay celebrities, gay politicians, historians and artists can be found listed under related links.

It's not the most complete or accurate list.

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How many actors are homosexuals in Hollywood?

As of 2014, there is no accurate survey in existence about gay actors in Hollywood.As of 2014, there is no accurate survey in existence about gay actors in Hollywood

Is Paul Hollywood gay?

No, he has never come out as gay.

Is deuce from Hollywood undead gay?

No, he is not gay. Unless he tells the world he is gay, he is not gay.

How many gay actors and actress are in Hollywood right now?

Right now there are 1650 gay actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Are there any gay people in Hollywood?

If there aren't any gays in Hollywood there totally should be in my opinion gays are awesome they are much nicer than non-gay guys I have many gay friends Honesty there has to be at least a few I mean maybe they didn't come out just yet

Where is gay pride in Los Angeles?

west hollywood

Is celebrity chef Paul Hollywood gay?


Is derek murawski gay?

yes he is, he said it on Hollywood tv

Is any Hollywood actor gay?

probably cause really do u think they care about if an actor is gay so yeah they're are def at least one gay actor. Another View: There are hundreds if not thousands of actors in Hollywood who are homosexual.

Is Danny from Hollywood Undead gay?

No, Danny isn't gay. He's married and has a little girl named Scarlet.

What are the release dates for MSNBC Reports Gay Hollywood Comes Out - 2001 TV?

MSNBC Reports Gay Hollywood Comes Out - 2001 TV was released on: USA: 19 March 2001

What are the names of all gay Hollywood film stars?

Michael Jackson

How many gay actors are there in Hollywood?

743 and a half :) 743 and a half :)

Why did they build the Hollywood sign?

it we're a secret message saying that they where gay

Is there a DVD called fabulous about gay actors in Hollywood?

No,why would you ask that?

Was Barbara stanwich gay?

I have read it's common knowledge in Hollywood she was.

What are the release dates for Hollywood Taffy - 2011 The Gay Running Partner - 1.2?

Hollywood Taffy - 2011 The Gay Running Partner - 1.2 was released on: USA: 1 March 2011

Is Brandon Stoughton gay?

Yes, Brandon Stoughton is gay. He has been spotted at the famous Tigerheat club at the Hollywood Avalon Theater.

Is jamal simmons gay?

Yes, He has been seen in West Hollywood Gay Bars & Clubs in romantic embraces with another men.

What part of LA do gay people live?

Gay men live all over Los Angeles but the commercial area which caters to gay men and where many gay men congregate is West Hollywood.

How many gay actor in Hollywood?

2 Another View: Hundreds if not thousands.

Were there any closeted gay movie stars in 1940s Hollywood?

Charles Laughton.

Is Matt Leblanc gay?

Yes! It's common knowledge in Hollywood that he is gay. just like it was common knowledge that Marlon Brando had sex with men when the rest of America thought otherwise. Eventually, the biography of his private life will be published and everyone will know the truth about everyone who is gay or bi in Hollywood.

Was anyone from the cast of The Wizard of Oz gay?

There's no reason to think so. If one was gay in 1930s Hollywood, it was kept very private.

Sam tsui is gay?

Yes he is gay. I saw him at a gay bar in west Hollywood a few weeks ago with his friends.YOU WERE JUST P OFF BECAUSE HE WAS NOT WITH YOU LOL LOL LOL