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If you mean the girl voice it is Meaghen Martin or Tess Tyler from Camp Rock 1&2. It is about one of the Jonas brothers ex-girlfriend. That should be your next question. Btw, i answered Demi Lovato's bra size! Ask it. It is funny!

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What song are the Jonas brothers singing in the video happy holidays from the Jonas brothers?

Girl of My Dreams. <3

What is the song Video Girl by the Jonas Brothers about?

stuck up girls

Is the Jonas Brothers song video girl about Miley?

No, it's about Joe Jonas girlfriend when he was young or something

Is the song video girl by the jonas brothers about Miley Cyrus?

yes so is sorry

What is the song inseperable by the Jonas Brothers about?

The song inseperable by the Jonas Brothers is about a girl who has to travel far away from them .. The song inseperable by the Jonas Brothers is about a girl who has to travel far away from them ..

Nick Jonas faorite song by the Jonas brothers?

I have a lot but I guess it would be A little Bit Longer, Burning Up, or Video Girl!!

What is the Jonas Brothers' new song and video called?

The newest music video out by the Jonas Brothers is called, "Burnin' Up".

Are the Jonas Brothers in lets do this?

No, the Jonas Brothers do not appear in the music video for the song Let's Do This by Hannah Montana.

What is the Jonas Brothers' song Video Girl about?

It is about a girl that uses them just for the fame. She doesn't really like them she just wants the fame and fortune.

What was the first music video that the Jonas brothers made?

MANDY. A song written about there childhood best friend along with that she was also Joseph's ex gf. There was 4 or 5 segments to the video with the same song. The other "first" video was a Nicholas Jonas video to Dear God but that is not a Jonas Brothers video just a Nick Jonas video

What is the song pizza girl by the Jonas brothers about?

It's a song from in their show... JONAS. In that, there is a pizza girl that they all have a crush on so they sing about her!

Video girl song by Jonas Brothers about Miley Cyrus?

I don't think it is about her, because like it talks about how they all want the money. Miley is wayyyyy richer than the Jonas Brothers... No offense but yeahhh

Why did Zoe Myers and Kevin Jonas break-up?

i don't know.... but they were a really cute couple! because she was a video girl lol listen to the song from Jonas brothers called video girl and you'll find out about their relationship lol

On the Jonas brothers new CD who's the girl that signs with them?

In the song Video Girl there is a voice over done by Meghan Martin and in the song Live To Party there is a voice over by Alyson Stoner

What is the Jonas Brothers song SOS about?

The song is about a girl or a boy you like taking advantage of you.

Who sings omg did you hear im dating a Jonas brother its so hot?

all i know is that's from the Jonas Brothers song "Video Girl" from their album "A Little Bit Longer"

Are there tiny video cameras on your aglets that send informan to the Jonas Brothers so that they can write irrestable pop songs?

Ya, you know that song about that girl? That was me.

What are the lyrcis to you are what you are by the Jonas Brothers?

Do you mean the song "I Am What I Am"? Cause you are what you are is not a Jonas Brothers song

Do you guys think their new song video girl was written about miley?

No, the Jonas Brothers have confirmed that their new song is not about Miley, nor have/are any of the brothers dated Miley Cyrus. ------------------------------------------ yes nick dated her for 2 years

Hat is the latest song that Nick Jonas wrotewhatsong did Nick Jonas write to the girl he likesw?

the Last love song was love bug. Video girl is a song about a girl (Miley Cyrus) that is CRZYY

In the Jonas brothers song video girl what is meant by video girl?

they call her video girl because they cant take their eyes off her, shes mysteriously bad.u girl u rock my world and a whole two seconds and now im gone im not about 2 be another victim, video girl get out of my face get out of my idk its kinof a weird song

You are what you are Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers don't have a song called "You are what you are."

What is the song by the Jonas Brothers near the pool in the video?

burn'in up and poor unfortunate souls

Where is the video of fly with you of the Jonas brothers?

It's the song "Fly With Me" and it's on their YouTube account: JonasBrothersMusic.

What was the second Jonas Brothers song?

The second Jonas brothers song was "I am what i am" which is on their first album, "its about time".