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Her names Mary roth

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Q: Who is girl in Zoosk ad with dart guy in bar?
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Who is the dart guy in the zoosk commercial?

Steve Olson

Who is the guy in the zoosk commercial?

Luke Eikens gets hit with the dart

Who is the dart athlete in the Zoosk commercial?

Steve Olson:

Why was the zoosk dart commercial banned?

Because some people are way too sensitive and obviously don't have a sense of humor. You can see the backing behind the shirt of the guy getting hit with the dart...its funny!

Where is the second dart player on poptropica?

He is the guy who doesn't believe in the loch ness monster in the bar with the old man.

What this fast-paced song sounds like a black guy probably came out recently has a chorus that goes 'you you you girl woah oh oh oh oh'?

never mind, i found it. It's Zoosk Girl by Flo-Rida feat. T-pain

Why does the woman ask Huck to throw a lead bar at the rats?

she wanted to tell if "the girl" was actually a girl or not, saying that a guy and a girl throws differently

Where can you find a flash cartoon that starts with a guy and his friend in a wheelchair raping a girl in a bar?

try google

How do you get a ticket for the sumbarine on cryptkids island poptropica?

You have to go to the Loch Ness Bar and talk to the two guys next to the dart board. The guy on the right will give you the ticket if you beat him in a game of darts.

Who is the guy who gets hit with the dart?

his name is Luke Eikens

What actors and actresses appeared in A Knife in the Bar - 2012?

The cast of A Knife in the Bar - 2012 includes: Shona Ajith as Girl in the bus Nawaz Basheer as Guy 3 Sreesh Gupta as Guy 1 Bipin Murali as Guy 4 Sajeesh Neelakandhan Nithin Padma as No name

What is a gay guy doin in a bar?

The same thing a straight guy is doing in a bar.