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Who is got Swine Flu?


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people in Mexico spread it to the usa.the way to stop is drink ALOT of WATER

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you cant go out when you have got swine flu

It was a swine that got swine flu first.See the related question below for information about the first person with swine flu.

Yes, Brian Littrel got swine flu.

No...just lots of swine

Not to my knowledge, and I live there.

Yes Tuliza has had swine flu. You need to be careful wherever you go.

yes iv heard of at least 3 people with swine flu

How many people contracted Swine flu ?

According to my researches, this is the 1st time the world got swine flu.

yes grey court school has got swine flu but i am sure it will go away soon.

"The shot" is a vaccine for the swine flu. If you get the vaccine, then, in theory, you don't get the swine flu. If you didn't get it, then you didn't "survive" it, because "surviving" it means that you got the disease but didn't die from it. So, zero is the answer. On the other hand, the swine flu is no more deadly than the common flu, so the vast majority of the people who got the swine flu survived it.

No it is not a lot of people have still got swine flu. Even the news is no doubt still going on about it.

According to Wikipedia, 1272 people have got the swine flu in NZ with 5 deaths.

Yes i just recently got it myself. Swine flu is all over the us by now.

is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet

Definitely. I got swine flu from my little brother and I barely spent any time around him.

No, Swine Flu is just one strain of the many flu viruses. Flu is an abbreviation for influenza. So Swine Flu is a type of flu, but all flu is not the swine flu, there are other kinds.

Back in old days pigs got sick all the time with the swine flu only pigs got it.Until someone in Mexico ate a sick pig with swine flu and yes only they pigs started it

Some people do but it is incorrect. Swine simply means pig/hog. The flu, Swine Flu, is called that because it started as a virus that only infected pigs, so it was the flu that the swine got. Since viruses mutate easily, it changed into a virus that caused flu in people as well as pigs. The name Swine Flu stuck then and also now with the virus causing the pandemic which is actually a third strain of the swine flu virus that people pass to people.

The swine flu is PURPLE. :]

no, he doesn't have swine flu that is absolutely ridiculous. he is recording vocals for McFLY's next album, so it is physically impossible for him to have any sort of flu.

The original name of the swine flu type that pigs got was H1N1 influenza type A. The nickname swine flu was more commonly used since only swine (pigs) got it. When that influenza virus mutated into the form that caused the pandemic, they originally called it also Swine Flu which was confusing to many, so it started being referred to as A-H1N1/09 to distinguish it from the pig type. See the related questions below for more information about the names of the pandemic swine flu.

Swine flu is a flu very similar to the regular flu. Tamiflu is a medicine that you take when you have swine flu or other types of influenza.

Just because your child has the swine flu, doesn't mean you do. Your child could get the swine flu even if you don't have it currently.

Yes, this is how the new H1N1/09 swine flu of the 2009 pandemic was started, first pigs had it, then birds got it, then people got it, now all can get the H1N1/09 virus. See the related question about the cause of swine flu H1N1/09 for more detail.

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