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Grey Beaver is White Fang's Indian owner or his first owner. He beats White Fang, but the next owner, Beauty Smith beats White Fang even more. Beauty Smith, a man that lives in Fort Yukonwanted, wanted to buy White Fang, but Gray Beaver refuses, so Beauty Smith gave Gray Beaver some whiskey, and when Gray Beaver started to get addicted to whiskeys, and started buying them from Beauty Smith. When Gray Beaver doesn't have enough money to get more, he had no other choice but to sell White Fang to Beauty Smith in order to get money for more whiskeys. So Beauty Smith became White Fang's next owner.

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Why was Gray beaver was forced to trade White Fang after beauty smith?

Gray Beaver was not forced; he willingly sold White Fang to Beauty Smith. You see, Beauty offered him alcohol, and got him drunk. So Gray Beaver wanted more of it, and Beauty Smith offered even more alcohol and he wanted White Fang, and in which the trade was accepted, despite White Fang's displeasure of Beauty Smith.

Who is the static Character's in White Fang?

The characters that never change throughout the book (static characters) are Gray Beaver, Beauty, and Lip-lip.

Who took White Fang from gray beaver?

A Dog Fighter named Beauty Smith.

How did White Fang get his name?

Gray Beaver and the other 2 indians that found him thought his fangs were very white.

How many owners did White Fang have?

He had 3 owners. Gray Beaver, Beauty Smith, and Mat.

How did Beauty Smith treat White Fang?

He treated him terribly and White fang was put in a cage and kicked but escaped and went back to Gray Beaver but took him back and Beuty Smith put him in dog fights and also he got hit in the face by weedon which is great

What is White Fangs owner's name?

Gray Beaver.

In White Fang how many puppies does the red dog and the gray wolf have?

The red wolf had a litter of 3 pups. Including white fang

What kind of wolf is White Fang?

He was a gray wolf/husky wolfdog. In the book "White Fang," he was 25% husky (most critics suspect Alaskan Malamute but no one is sure), and 75% wolf. In the movie, the dog who played White Fang (there were actually 2 dogs that played White Fang) but the main dog they used was actually a mid-content wolfdog (to be exact, around 35-49%). The other dog they used was a low-content wolfdog, which meant he ranged anywhere from 34% wolf and down.

What characters are in White Fang?

The 8 dogs in the prologue,Bill and another guy who's name I forgot in the prologue,White Fang,his sister and 3 brothers,Kiche and One-eye,the young 3-year old and the other wolf One-eye killed for Kiche,the mother lynx and her kits,Gray Beaver and 2 other Indians,Lip-lip and the dog pack,the old husky White Fang fought and won, which made him realize his strength,Klooch-klooch and Gray Beaver's son (or they might be the same people, I forgot),Beauty,Weedon Scott, Matt,Weedon's family (the judge, his wife, the grandkids),Collie and Dick, the family dogs,White Fang's pups,and the scary guy at the end who escapes from prison.There might be more, but I can't really remember. (: I haven't read that book in years!!

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