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Who is han wudi?

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Han Wudi is another ruler in the Han Dynasty, he brought many changes in the government

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Why did the ruler wudi important in the achievements of Han Dynasty?

Wudi made Confucianism the Han Dymain religion. ~Brooke~

Where and when did Han Wudi ruled?

Wudi ruled from 141- 87 bc

Who is the martial emperor?

han wudi

What was Han Wudi impact in society?

wudi was very old and poor he has no life ether

What were the achievements of the han emperor wudi?


Han wudi family?

they were all helpless

When Han Wudi was born?

he was born in china.

What did han wudi introduce into Chinese government?

He introduced and incorporated Confucianism into the Han Government

Where was Han Wudi born?

In china obviously dumbutts!

Who punished or killed anyone who opposed him?

It is han wudi

What is the longest reigning emperor of the Han Dynasty?


When did han wudi die?

29 March 87 BC

Why was wudi important of the Han Dynasty?

because your mama said

How did Wudi improve the Han government?

He expanded the Chinese empire.

How many years did emperor wudi reign?

Emporer Wudi reigned from 206 bc-ad 220 in the Han Dynasty.

Why was the ruler Wudi important in the achievements of the Han Dynasty?

He created Confucianism

Why was ruler wudi important in the achievements of the Han Dynasty?

because he is a boss

Was Zhang Qian friends with emperor Han Wudi?

two words for you,no

Which dynasty did the silk road start?

The western Han Dynasty during the reign of Han Wudi, Liu Che.

How does Han Wudi die?

he died from bulimia.....a eating disorder of the stomach! ewwww!

How did Han Wudi transform China in 124 BCE?

He established a Imperial University

What year did han wudi die?

I think he died in the year of 87 B.C.E

Why did han wudi encourage trade with the west?

because he hated them so much

Who was warrior emperor of the Han Dynasty?

Wudi = Martial emperor, meaning he could fight, never translated as "warrior emperor"! Wudi was just a reign name chosen by Liu Che, the 5th emperor of the Han dynasty and the grandson of the Han dynasty's founder Liu Bang.

Best known ruler of Han Dynasty?

Liu Bang, Wudi, Wang Mang, etc. Liu Bang=Founder of Han dynasty. Wudi=Emperor with most accomplishments. Wang Mang=Created the Xin dynasty (14yrs)

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