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Rapunzel, in the movie Tangled

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How long was the hair on the Yorkie with the longest hair?

The longest hair on the Yorkie with the longest hair was a dog named Etna with hair a foot and a half long and still holds the record for the Yorkie with the longest hair today

How long was the longest hair?

the longest hair was 5.627 cm

What part of your body has the longest hair?

The part of hair that last the longest in your body is your hair. (Why because when you get at a very old age your hair is still there)

How long is the worlds longest armpit hair?

The longest person in the world that has the longest armpit hair was Iwokasha Ban from Iraq who had arm pit hair like an ungroomed.

What is the longest hair in a horse?

The longest hair on a horse is its tail, but the longest mane in the world records was nine feet and ten inches.

What is the record for the longest hair?

the longest hair EVER is 18ft, 5.56 inPretty long right?

What dog has the longest hair?

Collies have the longest fur.

What is the longest an accual person's hair has ever been?

Rapunzel is have the longest someones hair has ever been

What animal can grow the longest hair in the world?

A dog can grow the longest hair in the world. These dogs have to groomed offten.

Do Neji have the longest hair on Shippuden?

Deidara has the longest hair is Naruto Shippuden. He is in episode 4. The blond Akatsuki member.

Who had the longest hair in the world?

The wolly mammoth with 3 meters of hair amazing

Which girl has the longest black hair?

I heard Asha Mandela has 19 feet of hair she grew over the course of 24 years. She lives in Florida. She was featured on TLC's My Strange Addiction, she is addicted to growing her hair. I don't know for sure if she has the longest afro-textured hair, but i know its the longest hair, in general, i have ever seen and heard of.

Which animal has the longest hair?

Well this will sound crazy but it is us humans. We can have the longest hair in the animal kingdom. I believe the longest is 18 ft 5.54 inches. I believe the second longest hair in the animal kingdom would probably be a horse. There tail can be very long. http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/records/human_body/extreme_bodies/longest_hair.aspx

How long is the longest hair?

this is up your A** 13 feet

Worlds longest nose hair?

The world's longest nose hair is approximately 8.8 cm long. It belongs to a man named Mehmet Ozyurek of the middle east.

What is the best long lasting weave hair?

I think Remy hair is the longest lasting hair!

Did Chrystal Gayle ever cut her hair?

NO WAY! She has always wanted to have the longest hair possible!

The person with the longest hair in the world?

the longest in the world today should be about 23ft. long. and the longest mustache is only 13ft. long

Who has the most hair?

Yotam birhane has the worlds longest afro!

Who has the longest hair in the world?

desiree and taylor veilleux

What baseball player has the longest hair?

For 2014, the award for longest hair would probably go to Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets. James Russell of the Chicago is a close second.

The longest nose hair?

The longest nosehair ever actually recorded would be Italian Albert Santanios'., which is an amazing 2.78m. But then again, the real longest nose hair would be the enormous one in San Francisco, which is disguised cleverly as the Sf Golden Bridge.

Longest hair in the world?

Longest hair in the world is Xie Qiuping from Guangxi Province, China that measures 5.627 metres (18 feet 5.54 inches) when measured on May 8, 2004.

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