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The Chief Commander of the United States military is the President, who is the Chief Executive of the executive branch of government. The power of the executive branch is limited by the U.S. Constitution by the creation of the other two branches of the Federal government, the Legislative (comprised of the two houses of congress: senate and house of representatives) and the Judicial (comprised of the United States Supreme Court and all the lower courts.) Each of these three branches were established to operate as checks and balances against the accumulation of too much power by any one of them.

It is interesting to note that despite all this codifying of the powers that be the President is essentially invested with unlimited powers in 'wartime.' With the advent of the so called War on Terrorism we see an executive branch that has deliberately created a global environment of fear and terror within which it has absolute power, unbridled or hindered by anyone. And that dear readers is a prescription for tyranny.

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What is the head of the government of the United States?

The head of Government and the head of State is the US President.

Who is the current head executive of the US government?

The head executive of the US government is the President, Barack Obama.

Article one of the US Constitution defines the president as?

the head of government. the head of government.

Who is the head executive of any STATE's government in the US?

The Governor is the head executive in state government.

Who is head of your local government?

Mayor, (US)

Who is the head of the US local government?

There is no 'US local government'. There are thousands of local governments contained in the U.S.A?

Who is the head of US government?

In the United States, the President is considered the head of government. He is also considered the head of state; in most countries, they are separate positions (usually President as head of state and Prime Minister as head of government).

What is a governor?

A Governor is head of a state government in the US.

Wjo is the head of the us government?

George Washington

Who is your head of government '?

In the US, the President is Barack Obama.

What is a republic government?

A republic government has an elected head of state and not by inheritance .The people elect the head of the state as in US the President who is the head of the state for a fixed tenure .

In the us the president is your head of government in great Britain who is the head of goernment?

The Prime Minister.

The US president is the of government according to the US Constitution?

executive national or Head

What types of government that Indonesian A have?

this question is confusing due to its grammar. Indonesia have a democratic government with a president as its head of government and head of state, just like US and A :)

Who is the head exectutive of the state government?

In the US it would be the governor.

Who serves as head of the executive branch of government?

The head of the Executive Branch in the US is the President.

What is the head executive of US government called?

Speaking strictly in general terms, the names of executive positions that head a government can be:Prime Minister, Premier, Chairman, President, and King. Other titles may exist, however these are common ones.

What branch of the federal government does the president head?

The executive branch of the US government is headed by the President.

What is Title given to the US Head of Government in the US?

That depends on the branch of government, as there are a number. In the executive branch, it is the President. In the judicial branch, it is the Chief Justice. In the Legislative branch, there are two: the head of the senate is the President of the Senate. The head of the US House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House.

What federal government is the US Supreme Court?

The US Supreme Court is head of the Judicial Branch of the United States Federal government.

What are the differences between the Japanese government and the US government?

The Japanese government is a multi-party parliamentary republic; the US government is a two-party Federal Republic. In Japan the head of government is a member of the legislative body and can loose his formal right to govern based on a simple vote of the parliament. The ceremonial functions of Head of State are performed by another person, the Emperor. In the US the head of government is not a member of the legislature and serves for a definite term, regardless of most votes in the legislature. The head of government also serves as head of state, and so has ceremonial as well as administrative responsibilities.

Who is the leader of government in the US?

To the extent that there is a single leader of the US government, the President, as head of the Executive branch of the government, is the leader. Because the US federal government is divided into three equal branches, it could be argued that there is no one leader of the government.

Is the US Supreme Court the head of the Judicial branch?

Yes. The US Supreme Court, as an institution, is head of the Judicial Branch of the Federal government.

Who is the head of federal government?

While the head of the executive branch of the Federal US Government is the President of the United States, the head of the Judicial branch is the supreme court, and the vice president is considered the head of the Legislative branch.

How do you spell presdient?

The head of the US executive branch of the government is the president.

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