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Who is hera in The Lightning Thief?

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What role does Hera play in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief book?

She doesn't play any part in the lightning Theif

What are some of annabeths rivals from The Lightning Thief?

I can only think of one,Hera(Zeus's wife and godess of marriage)

What is Hera's most important thoughts on the Lightning Thief?

hera was not featured much i believe in the 1st book or movie... there for she has no thoughts that we know of...

What is the complication of the story The Lightning Thief?

complication of the lightning thief

When are The Lightning Thief tryouts?

The lightning thief try-outs are over.

What is nerieds in The Lightning Thief?

the nerieds in the lightning thief are water spirits.

Who is the auother of Lightning Thief?

"The Lightning Thief" is written by Rick Riordan .

What book is better between The Lightning Thief and the Alchemyst?

Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief chapter summaries?

The Lightning Thief chapter anaylsis?

What started The Lightning Thief?

The author of the lightning thief is Rick Riordan

Who is the Lightning Thief in the book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief?

Luke Castellan stole the lightning bolt

Where can you find The Lightning Thief movie trailer?

anonymous the lightning thief trailer is not out

Who published The Lightning Thief?

The publisher Disney-Hyperion published the Lightning Thief.

How many pages in the Lightning Thief?

there are 375 pages in the lightning thief book

Are there pictures in the book Lightning Thief?

No.The lightning thief is only words.

Who is clarrise in The Lightning Thief?

Claresse is the daughter of Ares in the lightning thief. BY THE BIGGEST LIGHTNING THIEF FAN IN THE UNIVERSE!!no, sorry, I'm a bigger fan. by far.Ares is the god of war, and a big villain in the lightning thief,

12 gods in The Lightning Thief?

the Olympians are Zeus, Hera, Artemis, Apollo, Demeter, Ares, Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, Hephaestus's, and Dionysus :)

Who was The Lightning Thief in the book the Lightning Thief?

Luke was the lightning thief in the book The Lightning Thief.Yes, Luke was the lightning thief. He had stole the bolt then gave it to Ares.Ares then put it in the back pack he gave to Percy to make Percy look like the thief.

Who is Gregory in the book 'The Lightning Thief'?

the is nobody named Gregory in the lightning thief

Who is the author of The Lightning Thief?

The author of The Lightning Thief is Rick Riordan.Rick Riordan

Who is casting The Lightning Thief?

Casting for The Lightning Thief is closed. The movie is in Post-Production.

Who plays Persephone in The Lightning Thief?

Rosario Dawson plays Persephone in the Lightning Thief.

Who is the lightning thief in the book lightning thief?

Luke was... He hid it in the shield he gave Percy....

How many chapters are in The Lightning Thief?

There are 22 chapters in The Lightning Thief.

Are Zeus representeding the lighting thief?

No, Zeus is the one who the lightning thief stole the lightning from.

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