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Everyone that has died from a battle (Iwo Jima, etc.), the veterans of the wars, and the brave, wonderful, courageous men and women that are still fighting our wars overseas away from their loved ones.

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Are veterans honored on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day honors those who died while serving the U.S. in the Armed Services. Veterans are honored on Veterans Day.

Who was honored on the first Memorial Day?

The war

Who IS being honored on Memorial Day?

Men who died in wars.

What war was honored by Memorial Day?

Memorial Day does not honor one specific war, Memorial Day commemorates all the members of the armed forces killed in a war.

Who is being honored when we celebrate Memorial Day and Veteran's Day?

soldiers that fought for our country.

What original holiday honored veterans from what war?

Memorial Day honored the fallen veterans of the US Civil War

Why is Memorial Day honored and celebrated?

to remember those who died during war

Is Memorial Day only for honoring veterans that have died or is other dead family honored this day too?

Memorial Day in the USA is for honoring the dead military only

What war is honored by Memorial Day?

Memorial Day does not honor any war. It is the day to honor all US military personnel who have died during any war or military action in which the United States has been involved.

How is Memorial Day honored differently in different states?

Some states have parades, and some have other types of celebrations.

How were the perished members of the USS Tang honored?

The USS TANG (SS-306) is currently honored at a featured memorial at the National WWII Memorial in New Orleans. The crew is also honored on the "On Eternal Patrol" website (link below).

What is the proper adjective for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is the proper adjective for Memorial Day, as in Memorial day ceremony or Memorial day dinner

Is Veterans Day only for those who have died or for ALL veterans?

Anyone who has worn their nation's military uniform is a veteran, and honored on Veteran's Day. Memorial Day is for honoring the dead in defense of their nation.

Why is St. Anne's birthday July 26th not honored in catholic churches?

St Ann and Saint Joachim (Mary's parents) memorial is celebrated on July 26 in the Catholic Church. It is not a Holy Day of Obligation,but a memorial, and is celebrated at all Masses that day.

Is the American Revolution part of Memorial Day?

Yes, men who fought and died in the American Revolution are honored the same as soldiers who fought and died other wars.

How were the Vietnam veterans honored?

They built their own Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

How do you use honoured in sentence?

We honored the fallen soldier with a respectful memorial service.

Why is the Lincoln memorial important?

the Lincoln memorial is important because president Lincoln was an honored president and has 2 of his best know speeches are printed on the walls of this memorial -jean

What presidents are honored on Presidents Day?

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are honored on Presidents' Day.

When is the picnic of Memorial Day?

On memorial day.

Why was Abraham Lincoln honored in the memorial?

Because many people believe that he was a great president.

Why Lincoln memorial being honored?

its honoring because of abraham lincoln the sixteenth president

What is the purpose of Memorial Day?

What is the purpose of Memorial Day?

What holiday is celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day

What day was Memorial Day in 1955?

Memorial day in 1955 was a Saturday.

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