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There are two parts to the Legislative Branch, they are Senate and House of Representatives. In the House of Representatives the leader is always from the majority party. In the House of Representatives the leader is called the Speaker of the House. In the Senate, from the majority party, their leader is called the President Pro-tem.

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What national level policymaking institution does the NAACP target?

Judicial branch and sometimes the Legislative branch. main target is the supreme court(judicial branch).

What is the Legislative branch called at the local level?

The Legislative branch at the local level is commonly known as the city council. This is deemed to be a branch of the House of Representatives.

What is the responsibility for the legislative branch?

the legislative branch writes the laws, there are three levels of each branch, the national level of the legislative branch is run by the congress and the U.S. senate. also it is run by the U.S. house of representatives. the state level is run by the V.A. general assembly and the VA senate. also its run by the VA house of delegates. the local level is run by the board of supervisors or the city council.

Who is the head of the legislative branch on the state level?

General Assembly.the national gov. is congress. the local is board of supervisors.

What is the Legislative Branch called at the State level?

General Assembly.the national gov. is congress.the local is board of supervisors.

Which of the branches of the federal government is divided into two separate chambers?

Legislative branch.It consists of the senate and the house of representatives.

What is the legislative branch of the governement'?

congress comprises the legislative branch of government on the national level. congress itself is divided into two houses: the house and the senate. the number of house representatives per state is proportional to population while each state has two senators.

What government branch impeaches?

The branch is the legislative. Specifically at the federal level, impeachment is a power of the House of Representatives.

Who is in charge of the judicial branch on the federal level?

well the Judaical branch is mainly in charge by the supreme court!! :) the answer is above|

What level of government is responsible for tax collection?

The legislative branch of government is responsible for tax collection. This type of power is provided to national, state, and local levels of government.

What is the government at the national level?

The executive branch includes the president, vice president and cabinet. The legislative branch includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. The judicial branc includes the Supreme court and other lower federal courts.

Which level of government writes the majority of criminal laws?

The government has three branches, each of which is in charge of specific aspects of life. On the federal level, the legislative branch is in charge of writing the criminal laws. State and local governments also have the powers to write criminal laws specific to their state or locality.

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