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Who is in the Jose Cuervo commercial?


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Vera Farminga from The Departed

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Yes! If u chase it with Jose Cuervo!

"The voice in the Jose Cuervo commercials is Don LaFontaine."

Jeremy Paven, who plays Ari on Entourage

Jose S. Cuervo has written: 'Ma s alla de la palabra'

One ounce of traditional Jose Cuervo tequila is 65 calories.

Jose Cuervo is famous for being the first producer of tequila . He first produced tequila in 1775 and in 2013 it is the largest selling tequila in the world.

The Batender in the Jose Cuervo with Cola commerical is Ed Quinn...who played Nathan Stark on Scifi's Eureka. He is now in True Blood on HBO.

The majority of Jose Cuervo tequila is a 51% mixto tequilla meaning only 51% is fermented from the sugars of the Agave plant. The remainder is fermented from other cheaper sugar sources. Better tequillas are made from 100% Agave plant.

Jose cuervo prefers if u drink it within 6 months but there is no actually expiration date so no

Jose Cuervo margarita mix should be used within twelve months of the manufacture date. The manufacturer date is imprinted on the bottle.

Jose Cuervo Gold and Silver, along with the flavored line is made of a mixture of fermented agave and distilled sugar water. It is a style of tequila called mixto. SommelierDrew

The Jose Cuervo Tequila is made in Hacienda La Rojeña, Tequila Municipality in Jalisco, México. Check the back label to see the productor address in all liquors.

Although Jose Cuervo margarita mix is fine out of the refrigerator for a few hours, unused mix should be refrigerated to maintain its taste and quality.

The alcohol by volume in pre-made Jose Cuervo margarita drinks varies. The Authentic and Light margarita mixes each have 9.95 percent and the Golden mix has 12.7 percent.

It's tequila. Though Cuervo gold may taste like lacquer compared to finer tequilas.

Jose Cuervo, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam

Jose Cuervo in the first seasons then they make their own called avion

Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo, Johnny Walker, Jagermeister

About 600 to 700 php for 700ml. and 800 to 950php for 1Liter.

jack Daniels, Jim beam, johnnie walker, Jose cuervo...

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