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Sorry but Cena and Maira have never dated. Cena is married to his high school sweetheart!
John Cena is married. His wife's name is Elizabeth Huberdeau. They were married on July 11, 2009

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Is she going out with john cena?

As of right now john cena is still listed as dating Mickie James As of right now john cena is still listed as dating Mickie James

What is it with the Rock going after John Cena?

Because The Rock said John Cena was talking trash about him. So now The Rock wants to go after John Cena over that. I don't know what John Cena said about him though.

What is John Cena going to do now?

He is still in wwe. It is just a storyline.

The time is now by John cena?

yes the time is now by john cena

What is going on with john cena latest injury?

the answer is that john cena's oporation or whatever they did is over, now john cena is relaxing like the docter told him :D

Who is the worldheveywight champ of 09?

Right now It's John Cena Right now It's John Cena Right now It's John Cena

Will John Cena Join DX?

john cena now he is on dx 2010.

Does john Cena like Liz family?

John Cena is single now

Is John Cena and maria going out?

no, cena is a married man.

Was john cena ever world heavyweight champion?

Yes as of curently right now John Cena is the world heavyweight champion. John Cena is going to defend his title against Jbl (John Bradshaw Layfield) at the Royal Rumble. (January 25)

Is John Cena going to win at breakingpoint 2009 for WWE championship against Randy Orton?

No-one knows for sure but John Cena is in a great form right now so I think John Cena will beat Randy Orton!!

When will John Cena comeback?

He has returned now as 'Juan Cena'

Who dates John Cena?

john cena isn't not dating right now. he is stright

What are the names of John Cena's soundtracks?

the time is now by john cena basic thugonomics by john cena

Who is going to win in hell in the cell john cena or wade barret?

john cena because the nexus storyline has been going on for yonks! Wrong Cena lost

Is john cena 35 now?

John Cena Is 32 (Born April 23, 1977)

What name did John Cena go by in 2002?

I think he just went by what he is now John Cena.

Who is John Cena maried to?

John Cena is married to Elizabeth Huberdeau who is now Elizabeth Cena they Got married on Jully 11,2009.

Will the Miz beat John Cena at WrestleMania 27?

yes the miz is going to beat john cena

What does it say at the start of my time is now john cena?

The first line of the John Cena entrance song, "My Time is Now" is:"Your time is up my time is now"

Does John Cena like eve?

I think before John cena like eve but now i think no!

Is John Cena engage now?

john cena was engaged to Liz but broke it off.And i heard that he is dating mickie James now but i do not believe it.

Did john cena and kaitlyn date?

yes. they are currently dating again now. john cena and nikka bella's relationship didnt work out, but kaitlyn and john cena are together now instead of nikki bella

Who is going to win brock lesnar or john cena at extream rules?

I am sure John cena is going to win this because he has power and mind both with him

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