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Who is lady?

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a lady is a adult girl. It means a woman.

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What movie titles contain the world lady?

There are lots of them. Here are some: Lady and the Tramp The Lady Vanishes The Lady Eve The Lady That Lady My Fair Lady Lady Chatterly The Lady in Red 3 Men and a Little Lady

What is lady in Welsh?

Lady (as in Lady Di) is Arglwyddes or boneddiges (lady)

What is a proper noun for lady?

A proper noun for lady is:Lady Louise WindsorLady GagaLady Libertythe movie titles Lady Jane Grey or Lady for a Day.

Is Lady Gaga a lady or a man?

She's a lady.

Force that shapes the surface?


What is the name of lady in lady and the tramp?

Her name is "Lady".

What eats lady bird?

A lady bugeats a lady bug

The first lady of waikiki isnt a lady at all what is it?

The first lady of Waikiki's isn't a lady at all what is it?

Who is the lady in video with Freddie Jackson You Are My Lady?

The lady in the "You Are My Lady" video is Maria McDonald.

What are the different names of Jesus' mother Mary?

Some of the different name of the Virgin Mary are: Our Lady of Guadalupe Our Lady of America Our Lady of Sorrows Our Lady of Lourdes Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Our Lady Queen of Peace Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Our Lady of Perpetual Help our lady of the rosary immaculate heart of Mary

Who was Lady Gaga made from?

lady gaga was made from lady starlight. lady starlight said she made lady gaga famous and gave her the name.

What are some ways you can call on the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Our Lady of the PillarOur Lady of the SnowOur Lady of GuadalupeOur Lady of WalsinghamOur Lady of the RosaryOur Lady of Mount CarmelOur Lady of FatimaHowever no matter what you call her she is still our blessed mother.

What is an example sentence using lady?

That Lady is crazy and almost twice my age.That lady should really stop telling us what to do, I mean like is she our mother.A lady is a woman that is repectively called lady

How is Lady Macduff similar to Lady Macbeth?

the both have lady in their name

What type of dog is lady in Lady and the tramp?

Answer: The lady is a Cocker Spaniel.

What is lady breed in lady and the tramp?

Lady is an American Cocker Spaniel .

What is the breed of lady in the lady and the tramp?

Lady is an American Cocker Spaniel.

What is the word for the daughter of a lady?

If you mean "Lady" as a title than her daughter will also be known as "lady" eg: Lady Samantha is the daughter of Lord and Lady Escallacott

What breed is Lady in Lady and the Tramp?

Lady is a Cocker spaniel and Tramp is a mutt.

What kind of spaniel is lady from lady and the tramp?

lady is an American Cocker Spaniel

When do you use Lady in England?

If they have the title of a Lady. So you have to be made a Lady or inherit it.

Why is lady justice a woman?

Lady Justice is a women, because her name is Lady.

What is the dog lady breed from lady and the tramp?

Lady is an American Cocker Spaniel .

Who was the first lady through 1921 -1923?

the lady who was the first lady

Is selena gomez a cat lady or a dog lady?

She is a dog and a cat lady