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Who is lucie Webster?


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August 08, 2008 4:28AM

Lucie is a female, aged 17 who is currently attending the local high school in year 11. She studies Health and Human Development, Mathematics methods, English, Biology, Chemistry and Units 3/4 physical education, despite only being in year 11. She lives in a town where wine is very popular as it is made all around the area. Lucie has 2 siblings, both females who are aged 12 and 14. She loves her family, but not as much as she loves her sport. Lucie plays netball for the mighty roos in a top league at B grade level, despite only being aged 17. She has achieved some remarkable efforts already in her life and has plenty more to come. Her B grade side is struggling a bit this season but will be rising in the next couple of years with some young guns coming through the ranks such as lucie and co. Webster has a thing for some young lads around the area and often gets a few 'nibbles' on the text from some certain individuals. These certain individuals attempt to tune lucie and talk to her regualarly. When lucie grows up she wants to do something in the sporting industry to persue her love of sport.