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Lyndon B. Johnson served as the 36th President of the United States. Johnson was a member of the Democratic Party, and was in office from 1963 to 1969.

How tall was Lyndon Johnson?

Answer . 6 foot 3 inches tall.. On page 80 of Where the Domino Fell , "At six feet four inches he [Lyndon B. Johnson] towered over them ..." And just now on the History channel the "The Presidents 1945-1977" they claim that he was six-two. I guess six-three is a good compromise.. Olson, James ( Full Answer )

Who was Lyndon Johnson?

Lyndon Baines Johnson (August 27, 1908 - January 22, 1973), oftenreferred to as LBJ, served as the 36th US president from 1963 until1969. He was the 36th president of the United States. He was VicePresident to President John F. Kennedy; when President Kennedy wasassassinated on November 22, 1963, Vi ( Full Answer )

Who were Lyndon Johnson's siblings?

Lyndon Johnson had one brother and three sisters. Children of Samuel Ealy Johnson Jr and Rebekah Baines Johnson . Lyndon Baines (Aug. 27, 1908- Jan. 27, 1973) . Rebekah Luruth Johnson Bobbitt (Sep. 12, 1910- Feb. 4, 1978- Feb. 2, 1978) . Josefa Hermine Johnson White Moss (May 16, 1912, Dec ( Full Answer )

Did Lyndon Johnson have any pets?

Yes. He four beagles , a collie and another mongrel dog. He alsohad some lobvebirds and some hamsters.

What is the nickname of Lyndon B. Johnson?

Nicknames: . "Landslide Lyndon," Sarcastic reference to the hotly-disputed 87-vote win that took him to the Senate in 1949 . "Light-Bulb Lyndon," Nicknamed so because he hated wasting electricity, and would often storm around the White House shutting off unnecessary lights. . "LBJ," He liked to ( Full Answer )

Why was Lyndon Johnson not liked?

\nWhile Johnson created many wonderful programs and got the Civil Rights Bill passed, he is not liked by many because he was president when the U.S. went to Vietnam to fight in the Vietnam War.

What did Lyndon Johnson study in college?

Lyndon Johnson attended Southwest Texas State Teachers College,where he studied education. He also attended Georgetown, where hestudied law.

When Was Lyndon B. Johnson elected?

Lyndon Baines Johnson became president on November 22nd, 1963, just a few hours after John Kennedy was assassinated. Lyndon Johnson was sworn in by Sarah T. Hughes on Air Force 1. He defeated Senator Barry Goldwater in a landslide in 1964.

Who is Lyndon Apatan?

Lyndon Apatan was born last February 18, 1992. He is living in Don Pedro Bogo City.. Lyndon Apatan was born last February 18, 1992. He is living in Don Pedro Bogo City.. Lyndon Apatan was born last February 18, 1992. He is living in Don Pedro Bogo City.

Who was Lyndon Johnson's wife?

Claudia Alta "Ladybird" Taylor Johnson (Dec. 22, 1912 - July 11, 2007.was LBJ's wife. They were married on November 17, 1934 at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in San Antonio, TX. They had two daughters together.

What was Lyndon B. Johnson's IQ?

This question is almost impossible to answer, because no one knows if he ever had an IQ test, and if he did the results are not known. He was however a very sharp man, with a quick mind and a tremendous memory. He was known to work 16+ hour days regularly.

Was Lyndon Johnson re-elected?

After taking over as president from John F. Kennedy and serving aspresident for a year, Lyndon Johnson was elected as the USPresident in the next election. Johnson declined to run for a fullsecond term.

What did Lyndon B. Johnson do?

Johnson became President when JFK was shot in Dallas. During his time as President he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1965, escalated the war in Vietnam, got the 1964 war on Poverty program enacted, got federal aid to elementary and secondary schools, passed a more liberal immigration law, created th ( Full Answer )

Was Lyndon B. Johnson impeached?

No, only two presidents in US history have been impeached by the House of Representatives. The two were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Neither were removed from office.

Who was Lyndon Johnson's Attorney General?

Bobby Kennedy was attorney general as Lyndon Johnson finishedserving as president after John F. Kennedy's assassination;however, he did not come to work often after JFK died. When Johnsonwas reelected, he chose Ramsey Clark as attorney general.

Where is Lyndon B Johnsons house?

Johnson was raised in Stonewall, Texas, in the Central Texas Hill Country, near the town of Johnson City, which was named after James Polk Johnson, a cousin of his father. He later bought a ranch about five miles outside of Stonewall, then went to live there after his presidency ended. Upon hi ( Full Answer )

When did Lyndon Johnson get married?

November 17th, 1934 was the wedding day for Lyndon Johnson and Claudia Alta Taylor, who usually went by Lady Bird.

What nationality was Lyndon B Johnson?

American (from Texas) Johnson was born in Stonewall, Texas in a small farmhouse on the Pedernales River. The Johnsons were of Scots-Irish and English ancestry, many generations back.

What was Lyndon B Johnson achievements?

The "great society", the civil rights bill Kennedy was hoping to pass, medicare, and putting thurgood marshall as the first African American associate justice of the supreme court...

What were lyndon b Johnsons hobbies?

POTUS Lyndon B. Johnson enjoyed fishing, hunting, and riding. One of his favorite activities was taking visitors at his ranch on 90mph car rides around his ranch to give them a thrill!

Why was Lyndon Johnson referred to as Landslide Lyndon?

At that time , the 1964 Presidential election , winning 61 % of the vote was unprecedented ; a landslide . . Nope. Johnson was hung with that name in 1948, after being elected as the Democratic candidate for the senate by the narrowest margin in the history of Texas... as far away from a Land ( Full Answer )

What is a fact about Lyndon B. Johnson?

He went on public nation wide TV and said he will no longer be the president for the American people after his term expires. And if his party submits his name for running for re-election...he will REFUSE to run (for office).

What was Lyndon Johnson's biggest challenge?

Finding an end to the war in Vietnam was LBJ's biggest challenge.In fact, it was too much for him, I think. The war cut hispopularity immensely and caused him not to run in 1968 despite alandslide victory in 1964.

What were the achievements of Lyndon B. Johnson?

Did more for Civil Rights than any other President, passing laws to give Black Americans equality in education, voting, housing, public places. His "Great Society" programs fought poverty, aided education, loosened restrictions on immigration, raised environmental awareness, improved healthcare by e ( Full Answer )

Was Lyndon B. Johnson a liberal?

Lyndon Johnson was perhaps the most liberal president the US has ever had. He was known as the heir apparent of FDR, but easily surpassed FDR's New Deal with his Great Society. Early off he had to pander to his conservative constituents in Texas, but in his heart was always a true liberal.

Why was Lyndon B. Johnson nicknamed Landslide Lyndon?

Johnson was hung with that nickname in 1948, after being elected as the Democratic candidate for the senate by the narrowest margin in the history of Texas... as far away from a Landslide as anyone had ever come and still been elected. He won the primary by 87 votes, in an election where over a ( Full Answer )

What was Lyndon Johnson remebered for?

In a nutshell, he's remembered for being the most liberal president in U.S. history, even moreso than Franklin D. Roosevelt. MOSTLY, he's famous for preventing our armed forces from actually fighting to win the war in Vietnam, while letting tens of thousands of them be killed each year by not p ( Full Answer )

What is president Lyndon Johnson nickname?

His nickname was Landslide Lyndon, a result of winning a Democratic primary in 1949 by 87 votes, out of over a million votes cast. It was the narrowest margin, farthest thing from a landslide victory that anyone had ever had and still won in the history of Texas politics.

What was Lyndon Johnson's job after he was president?

After president, his job was "Former President". He was very rich, and spent the rest of his live kicking back and writing his memoirs. After leaving the presidency in January 1969, Johnson went home to his ranch in Stonewall, Texas. In 1971, he published his memoirs, The Vantage Point . Harr ( Full Answer )

Who did Lyndon B. Johnson beat?

He beat W. Lee "Pappy" O'daniel and Coke Stevenson for the democratic senate primary in 1949, then went on to defeat the Republican candidate in the General Election.. In the 1964 Presidential election, he beat out Barry Goldwater. He lost the race for the senate to W. Lee Pappy O'Daniel in 19 ( Full Answer )

Where is Lyndon B jonson's house?

He was born, lived, and retired to Stonewall, Texas, about 80 miles North of San Antonio, or 13 miles East of Fredericksburg, or 50 miles West of Austin. When he died, he donated 674 acres of his 1570 acre Stonewall ranch, including the house where he was born and raised, to National Park Service ( Full Answer )

Who is Lyndon B Jhonson?

LBJ was a teacher and the 36th President of the United States. He also created the Great Society which was a set of domestic programs proposed or enacted in the United States. The two main goals of the Great Society social reforms were the elimination of poverty and racial injustice. New major spend ( Full Answer )

Was Lyndon B. Johnson a Freemason?

President Johnson was initiated into Freemasonry before he becamePresident but he was never in a position to take his second andthird degrees. In the eyes of his Grand Lodge, a man is not a Masonuntil he takes his third degree.

When Lyndon B Johnson retire?

Lyndon B Johnson withdrew himself from the next presidential election in the spring of 1968

How old is Lyndon B. Johnson?

Lyndon B. Johnson was born on August 27, 1908 and died on January 22, 1973. Lyndon B. Johnson would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 106 years old today.

What did Lyndon Johnson do that as unconstitutional?

He murdered John F Kennedy after stealing his neighbor's cat, massaging mustard into to its fur line and paws, then shoving it into a closet to see how many time that the cat would meow.

Who was Lyndon Bart?

Lyndon Bart was a senator,state senator,representative,and vice president.In 2036 the Democratic party chose Lyndon Bart as Andrew Harkins vice president.Bart and Harkin won the election.

Did Lyndon Johnson have any relatives?

Johnson had a mother & father, two brothers and three sisters, and a second cousin, for whom Johnson City, Tx. was named.

What is Barry Lyndon most famous for?

The film Barry Lyndon is most famous for its four wins at the Academy Awards in 1975 in the production categories. The films cast included Ryan O'Neal, Marisa Berenson, Patrick Magee, and many more.

Why was lyndon chosen as VP?

Lyndon Johnson was chosen as the vice president to John F. Kennedybecause of his age and because he was from Texas.

Who was Lyndon B. Johnson?

Lyndon B. Johnson was vice president during 1959-1963. He later beacame president moments after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.