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Who is more famous Incredible Hulk or Spider-Man?


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2013-03-14 22:14:58
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This is a tough one to answer, but I think it is spider man. He has more comics, and more movies.

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They are both famous, but The Incredible Hulk is more famous.

John Lennon is more famous than the Incredible Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk, believe it or not.

incredible hulk is much more famous than taylor swift.

I think incrediblel hulk is more famous.

Both are famous in their own way,but according to me Super man is more famous than incredible hulk.

of course spiderman every body knows that and if u like hulk better its just because u simply suck

Iron man ,The Incredible hulk ,Spiderman ,and many more

I would say that it is about even between the two.Incredible Hulk

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probably lady gaga because she is more famous then the hulk.

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My opinion hulk because captain America sucks

Tom Hanks might be more famous at this point.

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