Adolf Hitler
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Who is more famous Mario or Adolf Hitler?

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Of course, Adolf Hitler.

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Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or Garfield?

Adolf Hitler is more famous because he killed many people

Who is more famous Homer Simpson or adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler is more famouse because of things he done as an Dictator of the Nazi Germany Third Reich.

Who is more famous Harry Potter or Adolf Hitler?

well let me see.........HITLER LOLZAA

Who is more famous adolf Hitler or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Probably Adolf Hitler. :0) Sonic the Hedgehog didn't practically start a war.

Who is more famous adolf Hitler or Homer Simpson?

Adolf Hitler is more widely known in the world today but Homer Simpson is a very famous character from one of the longest tv series ever.

Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or John Lennon?

Hitler I don't even know who john lennon is.

Who is more famous Osama Bin Laden or Adolf Hitler?

adolf hittler because he killed millions and also racist

Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin?

Stalin, I guess. As a saviour from fascism

Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or Darth Vader?

vader Hitler. If not, Western society is in worse trouble than I thought.

Was Adolf Hitler a good painter?

He was. Adolf Hitler was more of a landscape artist.

Who is more evil Adolf Hitler or Papa Doc?

The obvious answer is Adolf Hitler.

What is the definition of infamous?

Famous for having done one or more bad things. Adolf Hitler is infamous.

Why did Adolf Hitler become famous?

He's famous for being a Chancellor of Germany, but more so for being responsible for the Holocaust and the killing of millions of people.

Who is more famous Elvis Presley or Adolf Hitler?

That's a hard one. They both are very good and people liked them very much. You can't really judge who is more famous.

Who is more famous Darth Vader or Adolf Hitler?

Well it depends if you are around history fanatics or comic book,movie,and play lovers.

Who is more famous Shrek or Adolf Hitler?

Shrek. He lived in a swamp while Adolf Hitler just hated Jews so therefore Shrek is the overall supreme leader and overlord of all mankind. P.S. Shrek rules all. And is awesome and amazing.

Did Adolf Hitler kil Ida Hitler?

No. She died of diphtheria more than a year before Hitler was even born.

Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or James Bond?

Adolf Hitler is the most obvious answer because of what he did, he is a real person and james bond is just a t.v star. although, younger kids will have heard of and try to act like james bond without even having seen the films- they will just know he is a famous spy.

Who is Adolf Hitler mother?

Adolf Hitler was very close to his mother, Klara Hitler née Pölzl, much more so than to his father and was devastated upon her death in December 1907.

Who is more famous Mario or Gandalf?

Mario was more famous, Gandalf, more epic!!

Who was most famous in world war 2?

Adolf Hitler was most famous in WWII. Statistically speaking, he is the sole historical figure who has more books written about him than anyone else.

Who is more famous Mario or Captain Kirk?

Mario Mario is famous more than Captain Kirk

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